I am a an engineering student and I want to learn more about systems programming . I wanted to know the various open source projects that I have as options to learn from about the same. The Linux Kernel Project is very stable and has a very large code base.I wanted to know about projects that would not take much time to get boot strapped and start contributing.


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  • please note that systems engineering is completely different from operating systems programming, so the title was a bit misleading
    – Dan D.
    Feb 27, 2011 at 21:53

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Check out the Minix operating system, and its corresponding book Operating System Design and Implementation by Tanenbaum.

Minix is really a minimalist OS expressly designed explicitly for teaching these concepts. Contributing may be less useful, but still possible.

I use and have used Linux in production for 16 years and love it, but since it's a production quality, highly-tuned system, it is much more baroque to understand the source, and Minix is much more accessible and straightforward for teaching these concepts.

CS162 at UC Berkeley is also pretty good.

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