I'm in a student team that is focusing on web development. My teammates are interested in Python and I'm the only one that has learned it, so I was asked to give an "introduction to Python" talk next week.

I'd like to listen to your advice about what to talk about to make the talk interesting instead of just a bunch of grammar things.

PS: my teammates are familiar with PHP and .NET

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    Well, they like to eat mice and tend to sleep in the sun or on warm rocks. They love to coil around people and be petted but be wary if they haven't been fed in a while...oh wait, you meant the language. Nevermind. – Steven A. Lowe May 17 '11 at 15:38

Code Kata.

Actually build an actual web page using an actual framework in front of their eyes.

Don't talk about "Python the language".

Show Python as it's used to build a web page. Digress to answer questions. Focus on building something that works.

Explain what it means and why it's cool while you are typing.

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I'll try to express my opinion as a plan:

P.S. if some one asks:

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I'd take a look at the first couple of classes from Google's Python course. That was one of the better 30,000 ft Python overviews I've seen. The exercises are also good examples of the kind of problem solving that Python is really useful for.

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I think that the emphasises in python are quite different to other languages so I think that it might be a good idea to cover the techniques that aren't necessarily unique to python, but that pythonistas use regularly like:

  • generators,
  • decorators,
  • duck-typing,
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