SO I have made this program dealing with cities and the roads linking them, and I am wondering if anyone could point me towards a way to represent this "network" graphically (in 3 or 2Ds).

Could be either a specific programming friendly file format (which I could easily generate an instance of programatically), or a specific language's api or library for such representation.

My current work is in Java, but if there's a solution in an other language it's not a problem.

  • C# has diagramming libraries like Nevron that you could use for this, though it's pricey and using it programmatically is a bit painful. There are probably some free libraries, too, but nothing very good last time I looked (which was about a year ago). – Adam Lear May 28 '11 at 16:03

Graphviz. www.graphviz.org It's free, open source and provides all the relevent theoretical background (mathematical underpinnings for sort order).

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There are many graph formats available. For example, graph6.

Also, there are many softwares and algorithms available for drawing graphs. Graph drawing is one of the currently active research areas.

GraphViz, NetworkX(Python) are the ones I have tried myself and are very good.

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