I'm finishing college for good tomorrow, then leaving my current programming job the next day. I'll be looking for opportunities, but I may end up with a month or two without a job, so with lots of free time to work on my Android development skills and improve my value for those jobs.

I started thinking about what I'll be doing to make the most out of all this time, and figured I'd need a good plan. I haven't coded too much in Java, but feel like I can grasp the syntax quite quickly. I have already played with ADT and the whole Android setup a bit, but never completed an app due to lack of time.

I'm looking for tips in order to finish the next month with the best skillset I can get in that time. Where to start with, tutorials, what to learn first, and so on. By the way, I do have an android device, so the emulator slowness or learning curve won't be an issue.

Thank you


First things you need to understand are the application components and the lifecycle. See Android Fundamentals .

Then, follow the NotePad tutorial, it will teach you especially how to use an SQLite DB, how to handle the application lifecycle and how to deal with lists.

Then, write something that uses ListView as they are used in many applications. For instance, write a demo that uses a custom BaseAdapter to show a list of people picture on the left with their names on the right. First store all the data locally and retrieve using what you learned after reading the resources documentation. Then consider writing a web service client to retrieve the infos so you will familiarize with HTTP related classes.

You should easily do this in two weeks. In the remaining two weeks think about a small project and learn on the go.

Don't forget to check the sample code.

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