I have a Java class that handles import and export of data. It started out as a simple

private void export() {
private void import() {

Of course, I wrote the export first, committed it, and then went on to write the import. But import is a keyword in Java - I can't use that as a function name. So I go back and rename both methods. I usually end up with

private void doExport() {
private void doImport() {

which is both ugly and feels contrived. What do you think of these names? Got any better suggestions?

Note: I'm asking now, because it's now happened thrice and that keyword is getting quite annoying.

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I would prefer something like this:

private void importData(){}
private void exportData(){}

If you now would use this Class as an API you can do something like this:


With the CodeCompletion of the IDE, the differences are more visible if this methods wouldn't start the same way.

  • I agree, this is much better than doImport/doExport for most cases. Good answer! Oct 5, 2010 at 23:28

This is the same problem as with all keywords in programming languages. But the problem is easy, just chose another name.

How about this?

private void dataExport() {
private void dataImport() {

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