I would like to make for example imperative programs as output of Prolog (shaders of graphic card) and also event-driven programs (game logic) ... also I would like to learn how to metaprogram in Prolog in general.

I believe there might be some insights or advices how to do it; I don't want to jump into it not prepared and hack until I make working programs.

I wonder what is good introduction to metaprogramming in Prolog? Thanks :)

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    Do you have a specific use case in mind? – Robert Harvey Aug 4 '11 at 15:13
  • +1 for helpful question. It is slightly complicated. I am not sure if I should split question. I am interested in metaprogramming in Prolog in general and I have some specific cases too (I am not working at them yet). In this question I am interested just in introduction. – user712092 Aug 4 '11 at 16:00

There are online tutorials (do a web search for "programming prolog") that are OK. It all depends on how you like to learn: online tutorials, books, or experimentation? It sounds like you're considering a large project using Prolog, so I'd recommend one of the books that covers large application development in Prolog (like the Art of Prolog).

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