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A friend told me that writing comments inside methods is not good. He said that we should have comments only for the method definitions(javadocs) but not inside the method body. It seems he read in a ...
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Forcing people to read and understand code instead of using comments, function summaries and debuggers? [duplicate]

I am a young programmer (finished computer science university but still under a year of working in the industry) and I recently got a job working on some C code for a decent size web service. Looking ...
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Why would a company develop an atmosphere which discourage code comments? [duplicate]

I was taught in university to write comments for our programs. As I write comments, I feel like I have a better organization and understand the programs better. However, I am in a company where most ...
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Should comments say WHY the program is doing what it is doing? (opinion on a dictum by the inventor of Forth) [duplicate]

The often provocative Chuck Moore (inventor of the Forth language) gave the following advice[1]: Use comments sparingly! (I bet that's welcome.) Remember that program you looked through - the one ...
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Explaining new or uncommon syntax in comments [duplicate]

As per the title, should I be explaining syntax that I use in my code when I have a reasonable expectation that a developer looking at my code in the future will not be familiar with it? Short caveats ...
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Is it efficient to attach a comment on every function? [duplicate]

I moved to this company recently, and my first reaction of the development process leaves me with doubts. Here is where I really doubt the efficiency: Every single function must have Javadoc style ...
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How much commenting is better for coding? [duplicate]

I don't have a formal computer science education, meaning that I did not study computer science topics in a university. However, I work at a programming job and write a reasonable amount of code. ...
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Why should you document code? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: “Comments are a code smell” I am a graduate software developer for an insurance company that uses an old COBOL-like language/flat-file record storage system. The ...
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Worst coding standard you've ever had to follow? [closed]

Have you ever had to work to coding standards that: Greatly decreased your productivity? Were originally included for good reasons but were kept long after the original concern became irrelevant? ...
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What's wrong with comments that explain complex code?

A lot of people claim that "comments should explain 'why', but not 'how'". Others say that "code should be self-documenting" and comments should be scarce. Robert C. Martin claims that (rephrased to ...
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How can I deal with a team member who dislikes making comments in code?

One of my team members consistently avoids making comments in his code. His code is not self-documenting, and other programmers have a difficult time understanding his code. I have asked him ...
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Clean Code comments vs class documentation

I'm having some discussions with my new colleagues regarding commenting. We both like Clean Code, and I'm perfectly fine with the fact that inline code comments should be avoided and that class and ...
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How to deal with tautology in comments? [closed]

Sometimes I find myself in situations when the part of code that I am writing is (or seems to be) so self-evident that its name would be basically repeated as a comment: class Example { /// <...
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Self-documenting Code vs Commented Code

To summarize the following article: Why You're a Bad PHP Programmer you're a bad programmer if you don't write comments. My personal opinion is that code should be descriptive and mostly not require ...
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Are outdated comments an urban myth?

I constantly see people making the claim that "comments tend to become outdated." The thing is, I think I have seen maybe two or three outdated comments my entire career. Outdated information in ...
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