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How to unit test public method which internally calls many internal or private methods which are already individually unit tested [duplicate]

In our ASP.NET Core application, we have many APIs which are calling public method from the service class. Service class is implementing an Interface. Each service method (depending upon complexity ...
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Test Internals with TDD?

I'm new to TDD, and relatively new to software development in general (e.g. < 4 years experience), but I am trying to learn. I have been toying with TDD but ran into what I know realize is a ...
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What is the best practice for a regression test that wants to know about encapsulated information?

Suppose you have two classes: Alpha, and Bravo. Alpha constructs a new Bravo class during its own constructor and exposes no public visibility to it. Bravo has a String named charlie (and a method to ...
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How to not violate the single responsibility principle?

Let's say I'm writing a class that tracks a single stock ticker. In this simplified example, the StockTracker class holds a string that tells me the trend direction and a variable window that holds x ...
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continuous integration impact on ticket sizing

I've been doing research on CI (continuous integration) and I can't find any info on the changes CI would introduce to ticket sizing. CI states developers should merge to the mainline every day (or ...
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