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How do you make people accept code review? [duplicate]

All programmers have their style of programming. But some of the styles are let’s say... let’s not say. So you have code review to try to impose certain rules for good design and good programming ...
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How to tell your boss that his programming style is really bad? [duplicate]

I'm a student and in my spare time I'm working for a big enterprise as Java developer. The job is good, but the problem is, my boss writes very strange code. I don't want to complain, but some issues ...
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Bad sign if nobody can comprehend one's code? [duplicate]

If a coder writes code that nobody other than he can understand, and code reviews always end with the reviewer scratching his head or holding their head in their hands, is this a clear sign that the ...
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How do I approach a coworker about his or her code quality? [duplicate]

I work on a new venture at a large enterprise software company (3000+ programmers). In my group, we have a bunch of projects and people usually work on several projects over the course of a year. I ...
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How do I communicate to a colleague that their code does nothing? [duplicate]

Stay with me here. When I say the code "does nothing", I mean something like the following function: void factorial(int n) { int result = 1; for(int i = 1; i <= n; ++i) { ...
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How to code review without offending other developers [duplicate]

I work on a team that does frequent code reviews. But it seems like more of a formality than anything. No one really points out problems in the code for fear of offending other developers. The few ...
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What is the politically correct way of refactoring other's code? [duplicate]

I'm currently working in a geographically distributed team in a big company. Everybody is just focused on today's tasks and getting things done, however this means sometimes things have to be done the ...
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As a Junior Software Engineer should I say that something has been done wrong if I feel so? [duplicate]

I recently joined a company and it is my first job. When reading the code base, I felt that the code was not well written. It seemed to me that the code had most of the problems mentioned here and ...
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Is it out of line to give unsolicited constructive criticism to a programmer? [duplicate]

I recently started work at new office that uses a proprietary program written by a solo developer. He's occasionally around as part-time tech support, but the company has signed off on this software ...
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As a tech team lead, how should I handle team members' coding mistakes and bad practices? [duplicate]

I'm a tech team leader on a team of about 5 developers. The team size is somewhat dynamic as team members periodically leave for other projects and others join the team from other projects. ...
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How do you deal with discovering bad and false code in your team? [duplicate]

Every year in january we process a big task with our system. While the performance during the task was above average the maintaince follow up is currently having a lot of trouble with jobs running too ...
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How to politely decline a pull request? [duplicate]

There was a pull request made on one my repos adding explanations on the README file. Unfortunately, it's hardly understandable and I doubt will be helpful. What ways can I do to politely decline his/...
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How can I deal with a team member who duplicates code? [duplicate]

One of our team member duplicates code. Code duplication causes confusion among my team members reading his code, it causes bugs down the line when the duplicated segment is fixed in one location and ...
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Reject pull request or accept incorrect code? [duplicate]

Very often I have to review pull requests of fellow programmers and I face the problem - what should I do when the code is not as good as I would expect? Should I reject the pull request or accept/...
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What to do when code submitted for code review appears to be too complicated?

The code is difficult to follow but it appears to be (mostly) working well, at least with superficial testing. There might be small bugs here and there but it's very hard to tell by reading the code ...
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