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How to write unit tests before refactoring?

I've read some answers to questions along a similar line such as "How do you keep your unit tests working when refactoring?". In my case the scenario is slightly different in that I've been given a ...
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Is it a good idea to write all possible test cases after transforming the team to TDD to achieve a full coverage?

Assume we have a large enterprise-level application without any unit/functional tests. There was no test-driven development process during the development due to very tight deadlines (I know we should ...
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Is Poor Man's Dependency Injection a good way to introduce testability to a legacy application?

In the past year, I created a new system using Dependency Injection and an IOC container. This taught me a lot about DI! However, even after learning the concepts and proper patterns, I consider it ...
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How do you avoid endlessly iterating through equally sub-optimal designs?

So probably like many, I often find myself running into headaches with design problems in which, for example, there is some design pattern/approach that seems to intuitively fit the problem and has ...
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Should I be unit testing during prototyping/preparing for beta?

I am developing a web application for an industry that desperately needs it. Working with a consultant in the industry, I’ve rapidly developed a prototype in 2 months that we will be testing with a ...
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How to modernize large legacy Fortran program? [duplicate]

Problem Background Recently, I joined a government agency as a software engineer/scientist/analyst. Previously, worked in software industry - gained 3 years of software engineering experience at ...
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Is there a software industry for converting old, outdated code to new standards? [duplicate]

There still are developers building and extending applications using languages like COBOL, since banks and other such organizations rely on ancient systems to power their day to day businesses. Some ...
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Extensive use of global variables in js codebase?

I've been tasked with refactoring/simplifying the architecture of a (relatively) large node.js codebase and it makes ample use of global variables. I don't have much experience with javascript so just ...
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How can I unit test this code [closed]

How can I unit test a codebase which contains classes that includes two or three methods. In general these methods are too long. The methods contain lots of tasks like filtering datasets and a ...
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Microservice decomposition into reusable microservice from a set of monolithic applications

So for my Masterthesis i have to decompose a set of monolithic industrial applications into microservices. The aim is to decompose the monoliths in to services that are as much reusable as possible. I ...
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