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How do you know you're writing good code? [duplicate]

I love programming. I've been messing around with code since I was a kid. I never went the professional route, but I have coded several in-house applications for various employers, including a project ...
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What hurts maintainability? [duplicate]

For someone who doesn't have much real world experience yet, the notion of maintainable code is a bit vague, even though it follows from typical good practice rules. Intuitively I can tell that code ...
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What characteristics or features make code maintainable? [duplicate]

I used to think I knew what this was, until I really started thinking about it... "maintainable"... what exactly makes code maintainable? To me, if code must be maintainable that means we can expect ...
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How clean should new code be? [duplicate]

I'm the lead designer in our team, which means I'm responsible for the quality of the code; functionality, maintainability and readability. How clean should I require my team members' code to be if ...
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Are there any easy-to-follow/reliable methods for simplifying code? [duplicate]

There is a problem with the way I code. Regardless of how much of a plan I write beforehand, the code becomes overcomplicated quickly. Reading books on good practice and attempting to adhere to their ...
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What exactly makes code "clean"? [duplicate]

I am an intern at a small software company, doing typical grunt work. Many tasks that the actual developers are doing are above my head however I finally got to see some real "action" and write some ...
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Maximum nesting for loops and conditionals? [duplicate]

I've written some code that has some fairly deep nests (one time, I wrote something that was a conditional check inside a forloop inside a conditional check inside a forloop inside a forloop). Is ...
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How much refactoring is acceptable? [duplicate]

I am currently in a project where one of my developer colleagues constantly refactors stuff on every ticket he's doing. We are using agile methodologies. I know that refactoring is a good thing to do ...
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What defines code readability? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How would you know if you've written readable and easily maintainable code? It is often said that readability is perhaps the most important quality-defining measure of a ...
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OO - are large classes acceptable? [duplicate]

Despite many years in IT, I still struggle with OO design. One particular problem I seem to keep ending up with is large classes, often containing many hundreds of lines of code. The OO world talks a ...
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Good practice to hold Constants in their own file? [duplicate]

I've noticed some projects like to store constants in their own file, i.e constants used globally and in the main program loop might clutter the main file so perhaps they look to place them elsewhere ...
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Limit useless complexity in code [duplicate]

I have a question, to explain that, what better than an entirely fictional example? Let's say you are a young developer just being employed in a firm. All data is stored in a huge database (let's ...
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When does extracting methods from code stop to make sense? [duplicate]

I am currently studying the refactoring methods defined by Marting Fowler ( He states a tip for replacing chunks of code by a single method that does that job. So ...
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Prevent code from getting mess [duplicate]

I am a student and a freelance programmer. These days I am developing a software in VB6 which has recently crossed 100KB of source code. The main problem, I face is, many times I have to refactor my ...
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Self-Evaluation: How do I know if I actually have a "good grasp" of OOP? [duplicate]

If I skip the back story and any thoughts I have on this topic, there's really only one question left to ask: How can I find out if I have a "good grasp" on OOP? (I am specifically using PHP, but ...
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