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How to refactor legacy c# code without unit tests? [duplicate]

Recentely I'm working on an legacy project that Has not any unit tests. Used Entity Framework as data access technology The DbCobtext used directly in the business codes The Project is big(writing ...
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Testing : Why is it necessary?

Hello I will try to explain what is my actual understanding of tests and why I have problems to grasp it's utility. Even if I try my hardest to understand the concept of TTD, unit test, integration ...
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How to improve the coding quality in a problematic company [duplicate]

Due to circumstances I'm now working in a small software company. We make e-mail marketing management software and serve some big customers as our national railways and a big bank. The software has ...
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Methodology for documenting existing code base

I work as part of a team on an existing application that has no inline documentation, nor does it have technical documentation. As I've been working on various bug reports on the application, I've ...
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Is it a bad idea to put each class method in its own file? [closed]

We have an existing project that has grown very messy and confusing; our classes are huge and difficult to read. Our boss wants us to break all of our methods out of the classes and into separate ...
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How to increase confidence in changes without a great test suite?

I've worked on a few codebases without a great automated test suite, where changes that concern the whole platform have to be thoroughly tested by developers and there would be a high risk that a ...
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Estimating time costs in legacy codebase

Recently I started working on a project where a very old monolithic application is being migrated into microservice-based architecture. The legacy codebase is very messy ('spaghetti code') and often ...
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What types of documents should I include in a legacy software documentation package?

TL;DR: What would you look for in a collection of documentation when taking over an app to be run a larger scale than originally designed for? I've been tasked with writing documentation for an ...
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New frontend for legacy code

How would you engineer this: You have a legacy application that is a big ball of mud and a monolith. This application is "impossible" to change to look good on mobile devices. The management ...
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How can I update a large legacy codebase to meet specific quality standards?

There is a lot of information about tools and techniques for improving legacy codebases, but I haven't come across any successful real world case studies. Most advice is on the micro level, and while ...
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Anti-pattern in which code blocks are indirectly used as parameters

I was recently trying to explain a particular anti-pattern to some novice programmers and found that it was hard to express without an overly-detailed example. I'm sure it has a name and that someone ...
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How to comprehensively test software that doesn't play well with testing?

I'm currently working in a project that aims to implement automatic testing of a software package. You can imagine this software is a bit like Excel in that it has a workspace that contains all the ...
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Modernizing legacy application

We have an application that has served us and our clients well from some 20 years now. Pretty good track record but it's obviously showing it's age in some areas. We are looking for advise and ...
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Structuring a "Large" Windows Forms Project and Solution To something with Multiple Sub-Projects

I've willingly inherited a VB.Net forms project based on .Net 3.5 last edited with VS2012. I was able to open it up and up-convert it to VS2017. I can compile and run it and make some little tweaks. ...
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How to modernize large legacy Fortran program? [duplicate]

Problem Background Recently, I joined a government agency as a software engineer/scientist/analyst. Previously, worked in software industry - gained 3 years of software engineering experience at ...

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