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Is there something as a bug-free application? [duplicate]

We are developing an application that goes through many testers before reaching our client. Finally, when it reaches the client, they find some more bugs and report to us, and this has become a ...
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Software development - The industry & general trends / Bad practices [duplicate]

I am a Web Developer and part of a small team working on an abundance of projects. This is my first "actual" real company after graduating with a degree in computer Science and I have about 2 years ...
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Why is quality engineering difficult? [duplicate]

In quality engineering there are 3 phases: 1.quality assurance 2.quality control 3.quality measurement Quality Engineering is defined as “the branch of engineering which deals with the ...
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I'm doing 90% maintenance and 10% development, is this normal? [closed]

I have just recently started my career as a web developer for a medium sized company. As soon as I started I got the task of expanding an existing application (badly coded, developed by multiple ...
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How to be a zero-bug programmer? [closed]

My boss has always told me that a good programmer should be able to ensure that the code he or she changes is reliable, correct, and thoroughly self-verified; that you should completely understand all ...
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Why does TDD work? [closed]

Test-driven development (TDD) is big these days. I often see it recommended as a solution for a wide range of problems here in Programmers SE and other venues. I wonder why it works. From an ...
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Are there any design patterns that are unnecessary in dynamic languages like Python?

I've started reading the design pattern book by the GoF. Some patterns seem very similar with only minor conceptual differences. Do you think out of the many patterns some are unnecessary in a ...
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Does software reuse preclude process repeatability

Code Reuse as a Problem I was thinking about this question on software delivery, and I kept coming back to the issue of repeatability and / or reproducibility. They matter, because if you don’t ...
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In freelance software development, what kind of penalties should firms have when they miss deadlines? [closed]

I was talking with a co-developer. He has a client that wanted to make sure that he delivers on time. The client wants repercussions for missed deadlines. While I do not do freelance work, I couldn'...
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Why sacrificing good software engineering practices is typically the first choice for software development projects assuming "good enough" quality [duplicate]

I have observed a correlation between a customer ordering software of "good enough" quality and the same customer not willing to pay for good engineering practices (unit testing, code reviews and the ...
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What methods do software engineers have to limit development time? [closed]

In this question on the Aviation site, one of the reasons for the long development time of the F-35 was quoted as being Software. 8 million lines of code. Development from contract to in-service took ...
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Why is Software Development so far from being an engineering discipline? [closed]

I'm a strong advocate for Software Engineering, but even I must admit that we do not have many of the same tools, priniciples, and laws as other engineering disciplines. Why is this? And, what ...
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How common are use SDLC methodologies in real life? [closed]

My instructor told us that some programmers are not using SDLC methodologies for making a system. Because in our project, we used one of the methodologies. If we do not use one of them, maybe our ...
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Can developers emulate high server traffic in order to prepare for a live environment?

With the recent publishing of Pokemon Go, we're reminded yet again at how often online-dependent software (especially games) fails to run appropriately on launch-day due to server errors. I've been ...
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