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Git One Repo or Multiple? [duplicate]

I know this has been asked a few times but I still a bit confused, People say to have a git repo per project, but I not 100% what "project" means in this context. I am going to have a reactjs front ...
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Best workflow for a web development team to work on a large amount of projects simultaneously? [duplicate]

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what are cons and pros between the two version control designs of a project: multiple repositories, vs single repository [duplicate]

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Restructuring SVN repo for migrating to git [duplicate]

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Managing a project on github in different repos or one? [duplicate]

An app I am working on (iOS) is being distributed to different businesses and each business needs a few customizations to said app before it is distributed to users on the app store. Most files will ...
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Version control practice for Rewrites

We developed a product (prototype) P_OLD in language X and we are now rewriting it from scratch as P_NEW in language Y. Since P_NEW and P_OLD are the same product: Should P_NEW just be a brach of ...
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Should we use a monorepo?

My team is planning a migration from subversion to git. We support 3 applications... 1 is primarily for internal users, 1 is for corporate "partners" and 1 is for end users. These applications share ...
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In git, how to do versioning for a dozen libraries all worked at in parallel

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Monorepo vs multi repo for large project with multiple partial deliveries

I am looking into options for smoothing out our deliver and release pipeline, and would appreciate some advice on the best way to structure the source code. This is a pretty large project, which ...
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Organizing multiple projects on GitHub

I am a freelance developer. I have multiple clients, each client has multiple projects, and each project has multiple distinct pieces of software. I recently migrated all my source control from my old ...
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