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How to avoid getting carried away with details? [duplicate]

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Obsessed with finding most elegant solution [duplicate]

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Representing a status as single letter strings [duplicate]

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Staying productive by keeping focus on a feature while developing [duplicate]

As a hobbyist developer I'm quite keen on the git-flow way of working. But I keep having a problem that I can only blame myself for: while developing a new feature, I keep getting sidetracked by ...
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The urge to organize code in a cleaner way [duplicate]

Every time I am working on a project, specially a project from scratch, I always feel like I am doing a messy job. I feel bugged all the time by the need or organizing code that is clean or proper way....
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How do you balance between "do it right" and "do it ASAP" in your daily work? [closed]

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Better to write your .NET library with COM limitations in mind, or separate your .NET library from Interop?

I came across this interesting article: How I Came to Love COM Interoperability on CodeProject, which got me thinking... The author argues that they do not want any COM-ities in their .NET library ...
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How much effort should I put into the functional specification?

I've spent six full days so far working on a spec for a web-app component. Apart from personally wanting some task that doesn't involve Word, I'm wondering if there is a point at which I know that the ...
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