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What does it mean for a method or a function to do one thing? [duplicate]

What does it mean when you say that a method or a function should do only one thing? Can it do a few things as long as it has a cohesive name? Should we avoid routines with the word "and" in them? ...
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Single responsibility vs procedural programming [duplicate]

Single responsibility (from SOLID) is like making me create classes with only one public method. But if it's so, it would be possible use static methods, and go back to procedural programming. What's ...
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Why doing more than one thing in a class is sometimes valid? [duplicate]

classes and method should do one thing like the code below: class A { public int a() { b(); } private int b() { c(); } private int c() { } } The code mentioned below I found it ...
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SOLID principles vs YAGNI

When do the SOLID principles become YAGNI? As programmers we make trade-offs all the time, between complexity, maintainability, time to build and so forth. Amongst others, two of the smartest ...
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What are the practical ways to implement the SRP?

Simply what are the practical techniques people use to check if a class violates the single responsibility principle? I know that a class should have only one reason to change, but that sentence is ...
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What Design to choose for Parsing different files to populate different classes?

I am currently working on project which requires parsing different types of files. The content of the files will populate the classes. eg: file1 populate content of class1, file2 populate content ...
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Single Responsibility Principle Implementation

In my spare time, I've been designing a CMS in order to learn more about actual software design and architecture, etc. Going through the SOLID principles, I already notice that ideas like "MVC", "DRY"...
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Is the combination of state machine and pure function a programming style?

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Object oriented Classes and single responsibility [duplicate]

I'm reading a book that explain that it is a good thing that classes have a single responsibility, that is, that they do a single thing. I can understand how to implement this in some cases I ...
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Distinguishing Classes: How to catch system behavior in classes (Library System Case)

Suppose a Library System. if I think about Data, I can just distinguish Book, Member classes or at most Author or Publisher... (Are they only classes?), but I have some use cases, scenarios (Borrow, ...
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