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Using a "Pass-through (God) Service" is bad, right? [duplicate]

My team has developed a new service layer in our application. They created a bunch of services that implement their interfaces (E.g., ICustomerService, IUserService, etc). That's pretty good so far. ...
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Refactorable God v.s. too many classe [duplicate]

So I have this problem: in order to structure my code hierarchically, for every new tiny thing, I create a separate sub-folder, file, class ... and in it one 10-line function. It is an anti-pattern. ...
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Would it be bad design to abstract a graphics library and wrap it in a single class? [duplicate]

I'm starting a game project in C++ using the SFML. It provides various classes for handling graphics, input, etc, but I would like to wrap it all up in a single Media class. I believe that by doing ...
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How do I convince my team to use smaller classes/methods?

Disclaimer: I'm a newcomer (this is my third day of work), and most of my teammates are more experienced than me. When I look at our code, I see some code smells and bad engineering practices, like ...
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Are there any negative side effects of splitting up large modules? [closed]

I was browsing a github project and found this module which has more than 10 thousand lines. Is it a common practice to have that much code in a single module? It seems to me that this should be ...
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Is it always a good idea to divide large classes into smaller ones? [duplicate]

I've heard time and time again that in object-oriented programming, you should try to split objects that 'do too much' into multiple classes, to avoid the "God Object" problem. This seems like fine ...
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Can the RxJava class Flowable legitimately have 460 methods?

I am just getting started with RxJava, Java's implementation of ReactiveX (also known as Rx and Reactive Extensions). Something that really struck me was the massive size of RxJava's Flowable class: ...
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How to provide a ubiquitous object without including it in every parameter list

I'm writing a small C++ class, Block, to transform serialized data into a memory structure, and supply the structured data to callers through several accessor methods. I've tried to keep its scope ...
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Just one class - Java

I've written a program in Java, it's only fairly small and I started programming and ended up just building one big class with everything inside it. The program works fine and exactly how I wanted it ...
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software testing and object-oriented design approach

I am reading a book "Black-Box Testing by Boris Beizer". In this book, there is a sentence as follows, Object-oriented programming and improved operating systems promise to eliminate many currently ...
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Design: Bridge Game [duplicate]

I'm making revisions to a Console version of contract bridge I made in Java. The source can be found here: Bridge So most of the code is terrible and I've been trying make improvements wherever ...
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