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How to isolate a massive and changeable web service [duplicate]

I am trying to come up with a way to wrap a very large web service that changes very frequently. There are 400+ types and each type has 20 to 300 attributes. The service is a ...
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How to interface with very badly written code in Python? [duplicate]

I have to extend some very badly written Python code (no documentation, very interdependent, barely any encapsulation, very static, everything hard-coded, etc..) and therefore do I obviously have to ...
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How to handle an api with severe technical debt? [duplicate]

Our company uses another companys api. This api is written using IBM domino. This api is horrifically inconsistent and outdated. E.g. sometimes returning JSON, sometimes html. Inconsistent naming and ...
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Refactoring Code into a MVC Pattern under the Constraint of a Library God Object [duplicate]

I have 1000 LOC that I plan to refactor into different files and functions. The goal is to be able to test the business logic independently from the visual display. Hence, I am considering an MVC ...
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How and why to decide between naming methods with "get" and "find" prefixes

I always have trouble figuring out if I should name a certain method starting with getSomething versus findSomething. The problem resides in creating helpers for poorly designed APIs. This usually ...
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Why is it often said that the test cases need to be made before we start coding? [duplicate]

Why is it often said that the test cases need to be made before we start coding? What are its pros and what the cons if we don't listen to this advice? Moreover, does that advice refer to black box ...
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Are there good techniques or tests for naming types?

An awkward, open question, but it's a problem I'm always bumping against: Software that's easy to maintain and work with is software designed well. Trying to make a design intuitive means naming your ...
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In DDD, is validation application logic, or domain logic?

Suppose that we are modelling a form using DDD; the form may have certain kind of business rules associated with it - perhaps you will need to specify an income if you are not a student, and you are ...
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Should one use Dependency Injection even if the class is used only once? [duplicate]

During a code review I have started having a bit of a dilemma as to whether use dependency injection or not. I would like to hear your thoughts, because this is kind of an ongoing theme and would help ...
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How does one keep argument counts low and still keep third party dependencies separate?

I use a third party library. They pass me a POJO that, for our intents and purposes, is probably implemented like this: public class OurData { private String foo; private String bar; private ...
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Taming the 'utility functions' classes

In our Java codebase I keep seeing the following pattern: /** This is a stateless utility class that groups useful foo-related operations, often with side effects. */ public class FooUtil { ...
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How do I wrap a service so it is simpler

We have a dependency to a third-party service which exposes a gigantic interface of which we only need like 3 methods. Additionally, the interface changes frequently... I've decided to wrap the ...
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Better to write your .NET library with COM limitations in mind, or separate your .NET library from Interop?

I came across this interesting article: How I Came to Love COM Interoperability on CodeProject, which got me thinking... The author argues that they do not want any COM-ities in their .NET library ...
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Java naming conventions vs. C++/C naming conventions

I am a Java developer who is starting to pick up more and more C++/C (yes I know they're different, bear with me). One thing that struck me as odd was the different naming conventions used by these ...
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How do you deal with legacy data integrity issues when rewriting software?

I am working on a project which is a rewrite of an existing legacy software. The legacy software primarily consists of CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete) on an SQL database. Despite the ...
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