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Best practices concerning exit in Delphi [duplicate]

A co-worker and myself are having a debate on whats best. Both concepts work and work well but is there a general consensus on not making a call to exit? Whats better? To call exit within a ...
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"Proceed if true" vs "stop if false" in if statements [duplicate]

While I was writing a private helper method in Java, I needed to add a check for a precondition that would cause the method to do nothing if not met. The last few lines of the method were just off the ...
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When not to use early return? [duplicate]

Nesting is unavoidable, however in most cases returning early is a more viable option. Consider the following snippet: MyRoutine(argument) { if (0 == argument) { SubRoutine(argument); ...
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Which is more readable: early returns, or conditionals? [duplicate]

I’m writing an asynchronous, Promise-returning function. In the processing I test some conditions, and if the conditions pass, the promise should be fulfilled (resolved), but if one fails, then the ...
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function exit condition on parameter consistency check [duplicate]

When checking for parameter consistency a the top of a function body, what is the best strategy? This one: protected void function(Object parameter) if (parameter == null) return; ...
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Best practices: Number of return statements [duplicate]

I'd like to ask about best practices on return statements. So, what would be more preferable, something like... ... String r = null; if(var != null) { r = "NOT NULL!"; } return r; Or something ...
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Are These Both The Same Or Different If Statements [duplicate]

This is for unity I tried another way of stopping player after he dies and it worked fine but now it does not work with sounds That was my way the only thing that I changed is the state Ben's was ...
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Where did the notion of "one return only" come from?

I often talk to programmers who say "Don't put multiple return statements in the same method." When I ask them to tell me the reasons why, all I get is "The coding standard says so." or "It's ...
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Should I follow the normal path or fail early?

From the Code Complete book comes the following quote: "Put the normal case after the if rather than after the else" Which means that exceptions/deviations from the standard path should be put in ...
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Inverting an IF statement

So I've been programming for a few years now and recently have started using ReSharper more. One thing that ReSharper always suggests to me is to "invert 'if' statement to reduce nesting". Let's say ...
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Best Practice - Wrapping if around function call vs Adding early exit if guard in function

I know this can be very use-case specific, but I find myself wondering this far too often. Is there a generally preferred syntax. I'm not asking what is the best approach when in a function, I am ...
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if and else or if and return?

I have a Java method with a void type of return that checks a condition. It do something in case of true and other thing in case of false, typical if / else structure, but is possible use only the if ...
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What are the benefits of closing every if-statement with an else in Python?

I am reading Learn Python the Hard Way by Zed Shaw. In this lesson he writes: "Every if-statement must have an else." What are the benefits of ending every if-statement with an else? Are there any ...
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Structuring an if-else clause inside a for loop [closed]

Suppose I am doing an if-else clause inside a for loop. I like to structure it as for (...) if (...) // (part A) continue; //(part B) rather than for (...) if (...) ...
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Eliminating the bad cases in if to get a nicer code

I have read this link Should I return from a function early or use an if statement? and it triggered a conflict in my head. I agree that it looks nicer and cleaner and I guess that would be the way I ...
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