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In my current development task, I want to validate whether a string is in JSON format or not. When I checked for solutions from resources like StackOverflow I saw many of answers are as below, try{ ...
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Is it okay to use exception handling as exit conditions for a method? [duplicate]

So I've been programming for a few years mostly as an amateur/student, and I'm aware of the fact that using exceptions is generally frowned upon when used as a lack of consideration for input and just ...
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Can I execute a query in a catch block of try-catch? [duplicate]

I want to confirm the right approach of using try-catch exception handler. I have written a query in a try block, and if any exception is thrown, it will execute a query in a catch block. Is this ...
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Is ok to throw exception in normal code path which eliminate a possible programmer error? [duplicate]

I know that exception should be thrown in exceptional case (e.g. out of memory, programmer error). For these cases, I don't need to worry about performance throwing these exception. But what happen ...
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Using exceptions as regular objects [duplicate]

I have views that handle different errors in my application. For example error 404, 403 and such, giving my errors a more user-friendly presentation. By assumption, they get passed in an exception, so ...
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How to effectively manage a large number of exceptions (I18N problematic) [duplicate]

I'm trying to found the best way to manage Exception for all over my application. Actually, I've come with two solutions : Solution 1 One Exception to govern them all. namespace App\Utils\Exception; ...
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Result object vs throwing exceptions

When sending a request to another module and expecting a result, it seems to me there are two ways of dealing with the 'non-happy paths'. Throw an exception Return a result object that wraps ...
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Exceptions, error codes and discriminated unions

I've recently started a C# programming job, but I've got quite a bit of background in Haskell. But I understand C# is an object-orientated language, I don't want to force a round peg into a square ...
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Arguments for or against using Try/Catch as logical operators [closed]

I just discovered some lovely code in our companies app that uses Try-Catch blocks as logical operators. Meaning, "do some code, if that throws this error, do this code, but if that throws this error ...
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Is throwing an exception an anti-pattern here?

I just had a discussion over a design choice after a code review. I wonder what your opinions are. There's this Preferences class, which is a bucket for key-value pairs. Null values are legal (that'...
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Are exceptions for flow control best practice in Python?

I'm reading "Learning Python" and have come across the following: User-defined exceptions can also signal nonerror conditions. For instance, a search routine can be coded to raise an exception ...
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Exceptions - "what happened" vs "what to do"

We use exceptions to let the consumer of the code handle unexpected behaviour in a useful way. Usually exceptions are built around "what happened" scenario - like FileNotFound (we were ...
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Differences between `throw` and `throw new` and exactly how exceptions "bubble up" [closed]

Can someone please explain the differences in C# between: throw throw new and exactly how exceptions "bubble up" as I've heard they do? In my daily job, I've used just try/catch to mostly control ...
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Limits of Defensive Programming acknowledging that Exception Handling should be avoided

I've read Defensive Programming vs Exception Handling? and if/else statements or exceptions, but none contain something relevant to what I'm searching for. Taking into account that exception handling ...
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Null checking whilst navigating object hierarchies

I had to implement some code which traversed a small object hierarchy to fetch a value and display it in a TextView object (this is Android / Java). I had to do this 6 times to populate 6 TextViews ...
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