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How do I explain "Recursion" to an 8-year-old kid? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: In plain English, what is recursion? What is the best way to explain "Recursion" to 8 years old kid? I tried with the Fibonacci Series but i failed.
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Having trouble understanding recursion [duplicate]

I have just started learning about recursion but I'm having a hard time understanding it. Please would you recommend any links or books that explain recursion in detail.
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Trouble understanding simple recursion in c [duplicate]

My function: int num(int x) { if(x>0) num(x-1); else return 0; printf("%d",x); } This function takes a input x and prints the numbers from 1 upto x.I can't seem to ...
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Why is cleverness considered harmful in programming by some people?

I've noticed a lot of questions lately relating to different abstraction techniques, and answers saying basically that the techniques in question are "too clever." I would think that part of our jobs ...
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What's a nice explanation for pointers? [closed]

In your own studies (on your own, or for a class) did you have an "ah ha" moment when you finally, really understood pointers? Do you have an explanation you use for beginner programmers that seems ...
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Able to read Code but struggling majorly to write it [closed]

I had my first programming exam recently...and well I pretty much flopped it. Did not do great at all. I have only myself to blame as outside of college time, I pretty much did nothing. Now I have ...
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Can a recursive function have iterations/loops?

I've been studying about recursive functions, and apparently, they're functions that call themselves, and don't use iterations/loops (otherwise it wouldn't be a recursive function). However, while ...
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Resources for improving your comprehension of recursion? [closed]

I know what recursion is (when a patten reoccurs within itself, typically a function that calls itself on one of its lines, after a breakout conditional... right?), and I can understand recursive ...
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Is 2 methods calling each other code smell?

For example, if 2 classes depend on each other, it is a kind of circular dependency and should be avoided. How about methods? for example, if I have 2 methods which call each other: public void ...
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What is an "ontology" in the context of the Semantic Web?

Okay, I have been learning SPARQL to query dbpedia and I can't seem to find clear and practical tutorials related to SPARQL and the Semantic Web. If I say that an ontology is analogous to an SQL table ...
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What does this function do?

Does this function means its calculating x=(x-1) + x^2? Function unknown(x) if ( x == 1 ) return 1 else return unknown(x‐1) + x*x
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