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How to tell whether your programmers are under-performing? [closed]

I am a team lead with 5+ developers. I have a developer (let's call him A) who is a good programmer, who writes good clean, easy to understand code. However he is somewhat difficult to manage, and ...
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KPI's for Programmers [duplicate]

Do you know any Key Performance Indicators for Developers? What should be measured and monitored?
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How to Structure Bonuses for Software Developers? [duplicate]

I am a software developer, and have been asked to define a bonus structure for myself by recommending the metrics that will determine my bonus. I think, once I have defined this bonus structure, there ...
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What is an example of a good SMART objective for a programmer? [duplicate]

Following on from this question, I wondered if folk might be able to suggest some samples of what might be considered a "good" objective in a periodic review cycle for a programmer? Let's define ...
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How should developer performance be measured? [duplicate]

In many companies there is a formal procedure of reviewing employees' work. For example, a salesperson can stay she'll sell one million units at the beginning of the year. When she comes up for ...
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How to measure team productivity? [duplicate]

The upper management at our company has laid out a goal for our software team to be “15% more productive” over the next year. Measuring productivity in a software development environment is very ...
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How to quantify the work perfomed by a developer/programmer? [duplicate]

I know the best four naive ways of achieving this. Commit count: In the code repository count the number of commits done by a user. However this is just what the name says, counting the commits. It ...
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How can one measure contributions to a project? [duplicate]

Has anyone ever come across this problem? When you have a team of developers working on a project, how can you measure their contributions to said project? Is there a "formal" way of doing it? Number ...
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How to measure team productivity in Agile project environment? [duplicate]

Are there any techniques other than velocity? What are pros and cons of using those from your experience?
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Why do business analysts and project managers get higher salaries than programmers? [closed]

We have to admit that programming is much more difficult than creating documentation or even creating Gantt chart and asking progress to programmers. So for us that are naives, knowing that ...
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Are SMART goals useful for programmers? [closed]

Several organisations I know use SMART goals for their programmers. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. They are fairly common in large corporations. ...
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How do you know if software is good or bad based upon empirical metrics?

I'm currently being asked to look at a project that has finished core development five months ago, but still has a high level of defects. What transpires is for around every 10 defects fixed, we raise ...
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Convincing "agile" product managers of the value of planning

Became tech lead of a startup a few months ago. Software development is under Product in the org chart. Even by startup standards the codebase I've inherited is poor. Example: the dev team took three ...
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