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Clean Architecture: Use case containing the presenter or returning data?

The Clean Architecture suggests to let a use case interactor call the actual implementation of the presenter (which is injected, following the DIP) to handle the response/display. However, I see ...
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Models: two very different concepts

There are a lot of questions and answers about what a/the model is. Particularly when discussing where business logic belongs and the MVC pattern. There seem to be two concepts that need to be severed....
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Should I always use the MVC pattern (or similar) for big, graphical and professional applications?

If I write an application and decide to develop only a single graphical interface for it, and never intend to develop multiple GUIs, then by today's standards it is okay not to use the MVC pattern or ...
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Should I put UI and logic in separate classes?

I currently work on a hobby project which I use to learn more about Android/Java programming and programming in general. Recently, I decided to integrate jUnit into the project. Just getting it in ...
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Where to put a certain kind of functions in MVC structure

I'm just starting out using programming using the MVC design pattern, and I would like to know if I understood it correctly and where I should put certain things. So I understood that I should put ...
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How to manage state in MVP pattern?

I am currently using MVP pattern to develop an android application. I have to implement pagination (i.e. on scrolling at the bottom of the RecyclerView I need to fetch new data). So what is the best ...
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Is MVC Sane to call a Model through Zend Framework's ViewHelper

Recently I debated with a colleague of mine about to the following issue: I claimed that it is not MVC sane and good practice to directly load a Model via Zend Framework's ViewHelper because it is a ...
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Will FSM be a good solution?

At work, we are creating an android app. We have a business logic module for talking to an API for CRUD operations. The app I'm working on, the UI module, speaks to the business logic module to create,...
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MVC who knows about whom?

In the Model-View-Controller pattern, I do understand the role of each component. The Model represents our application's domain model. The View presents this information and the controller ...
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Writing decision statement on controller layer

We are developing a REST application based on an MVC architecture. The service layer is returning Optional<T> where T could be any class. So on the controller layer there is a conditional ...
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How can I merge between two software architectures in software design? [closed]

I need to know what types can be merged together like can I merge MVC and layered architecture? so please can someone list what types can be merged together, and an example on how to merge. Can I ...
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What domain objects might I need to represent a user and users profile in a forum web application

I’ve been trying to get a firm understanding of the MVC design pattern so that I can write my own framework for implementing the back-end of a forum web application using Slim 3. In particular, after ...
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How to design a function with different output formats

I often have to write a function which may return an output of two kinds: "short" and "long". As an example, consider the subset sum problem: the input is a set of integers S and ...
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Maintainable way for keeping objects in memory

I am trying to figure out the best way to keep objects in memory without having them scattered everywhere within the code. For example: I have a PyQT menu system which interacts with objects. ...
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In an MVC software, where should the logic of the functions which manage connections go?

I'm developing a C-based software in which I want to use a Model-View-Controller approach, and while I think I quite got into the style's rules, I don't really understand where should I place the ...
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