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How can I do TDD in real-world applications?

Doing TDD in a kata is simple. A red test, small amount of code, green test, and refactor. Repeat. And that's it. But, I work on a real application. With a REST controller, a service layer for ...
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Keeping "code" away from designers?

I build quite a bit of projects with a friend of mine, but we always come to the same pitfall over and over again. I know how to write PHP, Javascript and all that of stuff (I also know CSS and HTML) ...
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Implementing clean architecture

I just read the book 'clean architecture' by Uncle Bob and really like the approach. But the big disappointment came when I tried to implement it in C#. I really hope you can help me with some ...
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MVC: Display requested content via the View

I'm trying to learn how the MVC pattern works so have been playing around a bit. I just wrote this, which was making sense to me, until I wanted to display the array content which has been collect by ...
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Should similar use cases be splitted or combined in clean architecture?

In Clean architecture Suppose I have two actions (approve/deny) a request. Should I create a use case for approve and another for deny? or both in one use case (RespondToRequestUseCase) and I ...
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Onion architecture: Dependency Inversion Principle within the Service layer

I'm trying to implement a project using the Onion Architecture (aka Hexagonal, aka Ports and Adapters, aka Clean Architecture). I understand that the user interface uses Service interfaces instead of ...
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Will FSM be a good solution?

At work, we are creating an android app. We have a business logic module for talking to an API for CRUD operations. The app I'm working on, the UI module, speaks to the business logic module to create,...
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MVC who knows about whom?

In the Model-View-Controller pattern, I do understand the role of each component. The Model represents our application's domain model. The View presents this information and the controller ...
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Domain driven design - factory with cross-cutting concerns

I was recently tasked with creating a factory that processes webhook events. Any authorized application in the solution (1 app per domain) can post any meaningful payload and as long as the event's ...
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How should I structure an update script that handles the output of another module?

I have a large (>1,000 LOC) Python ETL script - call it - that fetches data from a remote database, appends the raw data to a local table, does some transformations and ...
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Clean architecture for file upload in a flutter app

I have started a flutter app and want to apply clean architecture to it. The first use case i have is the following: A user provides file(s)via "open file" dialogue. The provided files ...
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Should I pass presenter to use case when implement clean archeiture using scala

This question came to me when I was trying implement Clean Architecture using Scala, and come across this post. In the accepted answer, @candiedorange emphasis on the separation of responsibility, and ...
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