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How to learn to make better estimates? [closed]

I suck at estimates. When someone asks me how long something will take, I don't even dare to make a guess since I will be completely off the mark. Usually I'm way too optimistic, and should probably ...
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How can I estimate how long a project will take? [duplicate]

I'm working as a web developer and I want to be able to determine if I'm efficient. Does this include the how long it take to accomplish tasks such as: Server side code for the site logic with one ...
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How to set more accurate "deadlines"? [duplicate]

Context: My work is to build financial reports using mostly Excel spreadsheets. This consists mostly of formulas and a good deal of VBA. Each person is built by a single person. We service many sub-...
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How long do you spend on analysis? Is this analysis paralysis? [duplicate]

I am not very good at estimating how long a piece of work will take to complete. I am guilty of putting my finger in the air and guessing. Usually things are later than expected, however sometimes ...
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How to respond when you are asked for an estimate?

We, as programmers, are constantly being asked 'How long will it take'? And you know, the situation is almost always like this: The requirements are unclear. Nobody has done an in depth analysis of ...
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How to explain that it's hard to estimate the time required for a bigger software project?

I'm a junior developer and I find it hard to estimate how much time it takes to finish a bigger software project. I know how to structure the architecture in general, but it's hard for me to know what ...
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How to answer "When will it be done?"

We all have it, problems that prove difficult to fix and working out a fix through obscure code and bizarre unexpected functionality. Slowly, logically working your way through trying to find patterns,...
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Estimated work remaining doesn't get lower [duplicate]

I'm working as a developer / architect on a software project. The project manager decided not to follow the Agile principles, but to rather have an Excel sheet with all the feature requests and their ...
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What is a good estimation technique for initial, high-level estimates?

I'm currently using Planning Poker to do our detailed estimates. This works great but relies upon a fairly detailed work breakdown. Often it takes 6-8 weeks to get a sufficiently detailed design and ...
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