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How to convince my boss that quality is a good thing to have in code? [duplicate]

My boss came to me today to ask me if we could implement a certain feature in 1.5 days. I had a look at it and told him that 2 to 3 days would be more realistic. He then asked me: "And what if we do ...
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How to justify rewriting/revamping legacy software in a business case? [duplicate]

I work for a great little software company which makes good revenue from our main software package. The problem for me is that it's almost unmaintainable. It's written in Delphi 7 (has upgraded ...
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How can I sell a legacy program rewrite to the business? [duplicate]

We have a legacy classic ASP application that's been around since 2001. It badly needs to be re-written, but it's working fine from an end user perspective. The reason I feel like a rewrite is ...
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Should I try to persuade my manager that code tidying should take priority over meeting deadlines? [duplicate]

My manager has tight deadlines to meet. The current project I am working on is currently on schedule, but I've noticed a couple of quite significant areas in the code that are really badly written. (...
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How-to convince company to start documenting for legacy software [duplicate]

It has been less than a year since I joined my current company. Their majority of sales have come from a single product that has been alive since the last 10 years. However, there is minimal (if at ...
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Quantifying the value of refactoring in commercial terms [duplicate]

Here is the classic scenario; Dev team build a prototype. Business mgmt like it and put it into production. Dev team now have to continue to deliver new features whilst at the same time pay the ...
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Best supporting argument for refactoring [duplicate]

Currently I am working on a code best described as C code living in C++ body. However I haven't been able to convince power that be to re-factor on ground of ease of maintenance. What in your ...
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How to explain your non-programmer boss you need to refactor a whole site? [duplicate]

First of all, is not a programming matter, is a programmer afair. I'm the new web programmer in my company. I'm here just for 2 weeks. And they want me to teach Wordpress, configure & install it, ...
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Communications regarding maintainability of code [duplicate]

I'm in search of good language or metaphors to discuss the maintainability of code with non-technical folks (PMs, business sponsors &c). In particular, I've recently created a few one-off, get-it-...
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How can we unify business goals and technical goals? [duplicate]

Some background I work at a small startup: 4 devs, 1 designer, and 2 non-technical co-founders, one who provides funding, and the other who handles day-to-day management and sales. Our company ...
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How to ask management to increase the number of programmers in the team without sounding incompetent [duplicate]

I am currently working for a small-medium sized company (~50 employees) as the sole IT staff. Recently, we are on track to replace one expensive yet critical legacy system in favor of an application ...
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How to educate business managers on the complexity of adding new features? [duplicate]

We maintain a web application for a client who demands that new features be added at a breakneck pace. We've done our best to keep up with their demands, and as a result the code base has grown ...
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Should We Code for Performance or Stability? [duplicate]

There is a point in time where you make design choices and debate them with management. In my case I have to debate my positions and design choices with senior management but it is frustrating that ...
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Entropy in large scale software systems [duplicate]

I work on a fairly large software system and over the years it has accumulated a lot of entropy. There is plenty of scope for refactoring but there is always pressures to build the next features upon ...
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Next steps for developing new product [duplicate]

I was hired about a year ago as the lead (well, really the only) developer on a new project/product we will call product "B". Product B was designed to pursue a new market for the company. This ...
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