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Alan Kay: "The Big Idea is Messaging" [duplicate]

Alan Kay said "OO" was about messaging, not objects and drew a parallel to biological cells. His views are enticing, but vague. The way I understand it is something like a Cellular Automata. In a ...
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Do objects in OOP have to represent an entity?

Does an object have to represent an entity? By an entity I mean something like a Product, Motor, a ParkingLot etc, a physical, or even a clear-cut non-physical conceptual object -- something that ...
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What benefit do we get by thinking of objects as "sending messages to each other"?

I have read that in OOP, we think of objects as "sending messages to each other", for example if we did car1.stop(), we say that "we sent the message stop() to the car1 object". ...
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Is C++ not suitable for OOP? [closed]

I read somewhere in one of the answers to a question here (can't remember which) that C++ is not suitable for object-oriented programming. There was some mentioning that you could make use of its ...
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How might one teach OO without referencing physical real-world objects? [closed]

I remember reading somewhere that the original concepts behind OO were to find a better architecture for handling the messaging of data between multiple systems in a way that protected the state of ...
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Why did object-oriented paradigms take so long to go mainstream?

I read this question and it got me thinking about another fairly recent thing. Object oriented languages. I'm not sure when the first one was created, but why did it take so long before they became ...
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Does OOP overemphasize the importance of noun and thus put action/verb in the less importance position ? [closed]

Steve yegge wrote an article called "Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns" back in 2006, 14 years later I still find the points he made valid. For example, "Action is what gives life its ...
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What is a "tear-off" in software design or patterns?

What is a tear-off? I ran across the term reading Flutter documentation: Returns a CallbackHandle that can be provided to PluginUtilities.getCallbackFromHandle to retrieve a tear-off of the ...
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Is it correct to say "send a message to an object" in Java?

In Smalltalk we say "send a message to an object", but is it also correct to say "send a message to an object" in Java, or is it only correct in Java to say "call a method of ...
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Should methods be part of your persisted entities?

We are coding a small game and have a Player class. This Player class has certain properties which you would persist in a database like Id, Level, Health. We would like a Player to be able to kill ...
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Which paradigm(between OOP and Functional) should be chosen for a given task?

Which paradigm(between OOP and Functional) should be chosen for a given task ? What are the tradeoffs between these two styles ? In which case using Functional makes sense and vice versa,in which case ...
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