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Commenting MVC applications [duplicate]

I've recently realised that my workplace doesn't comment their ASP.NET MVC applications. By 'doesn't document', I mean there is probably 1 line of comment per model/view/controller. No file purpose, ...
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How to avoid falling into the trap of not commenting code? [duplicate]

I've been working on a project for about a month now. I am extremely familiar with the code and understand it to the extent where I feel that it is so easy to understand, that most methods don't need ...
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"Comments are a code smell" [closed]

A coworker of mine believes that any use of in-code comments (ie, not javadoc style method or class comments) is a code smell. What do you think?
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Forcing people to read and understand code instead of using comments, function summaries and debuggers? [duplicate]

I am a young programmer (finished computer science university but still under a year of working in the industry) and I recently got a job working on some C code for a decent size web service. Looking ...
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Clean Code: long names instead of comments

Don't be afraid to make a name long. A long descriptive name is better than a short enigmatic name. A long descriptive name is better than a long descriptive comment. Robert C. Martin Did I ...
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Why would a company develop an atmosphere which discourage code comments? [duplicate]

I was taught in university to write comments for our programs. As I write comments, I feel like I have a better organization and understand the programs better. However, I am in a company where most ...
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Documentation in OOP should avoid specifying whether or not a "getter" performs any computation?

My school's CS program avoids any mention of object oriented programming, so I've been doing some reading on my own to supplement it -- specifically, Object Oriented Software Construction by Bertrand ...
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Why are people so strongly opposed to #region tags in methods?

I hear a lot about keeping methods short and I've heard a lot of programmers say that using #region tags within a method is a sure sign that it is too long and should be refactored into multiple ...
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How much commenting is better for coding? [duplicate]

I don't have a formal computer science education, meaning that I did not study computer science topics in a university. However, I work at a programming job and write a reasonable amount of code. ...
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Should a method comment include both a summary and return description when they're often so similar?

I'm a proponent of properly documented code, and I'm well aware of the possible downsides of it. That is outside of the scope of this question. I like to follow the rule of adding XML comments for ...
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