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How do you deal with time estimates? [duplicate]

If given too little time, quality suffers. If given too much time, developers will find a way to use all alloted time, no matter what. What would be a good way with dealing with estimates? Are they a ...
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Time estimating of a complex bug investigation (not a straight-forward one) [duplicate]

(It is not a duplicate: Bug investigation is much more non-deterministic than a defined development task where things to be done are specified. Investigation is about narrowing a huge search space, ...
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When will be your project finished? How long does it take to complete it? Any idea how do you estimate such timing on the spot? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to respond when you are asked for an estimate? In my company, i have a strange managers, they always asks me before starting how is it going? And how long it will take to ...
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Fixed scope and resources - but I am being asked for an exact release date [duplicate]

We have a project where the scope and resources are fixed. We have a fully groomed backlog and a velocity, so from this I can work out a rough idea of when we may release. As a team, we feel it is ...
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What can I do to get better at estimating how long projects are going to take? [duplicate]

I don't want to make life hard for management. I really don't. They're nice enough guys, but every time I am assigned a new project or task and get asked "how long do you think it will take to do ...
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Estimating time costs in legacy codebase

Recently I started working on a project where a very old monolithic application is being migrated into microservice-based architecture. The legacy codebase is very messy ('spaghetti code') and often ...
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Getting non-programmers to understand the development process

When starting a project for a company that's not primarily a programming company, one of the expectations is that there's a finished product at the end free of all bugs and does everything needed ...
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How to learn to make better estimates? [closed]

I suck at estimates. When someone asks me how long something will take, I don't even dare to make a guess since I will be completely off the mark. Usually I'm way too optimistic, and should probably ...
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How possible is it to estimate time for programming projects? [duplicate]

It seems like it is nearly impossible to get close because you could run into any number of issues and things not first anticipated. How close can we be expected to reasonably estimate? Our PM wants ...
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How to explain that it's hard to estimate the time required for a bigger software project?

I'm a junior developer and I find it hard to estimate how much time it takes to finish a bigger software project. I know how to structure the architecture in general, but it's hard for me to know what ...
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How can you estimate time for tasks which primarily consist of figuring out a problem?

While it is relatively possible for an experienced developer to estimate how long it will take to implement code when the pattern and problem the code is solving is well understood, how can you make a ...
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Am I programming too slow? [closed]

I've only been a year in the industry and I've had some problems making estimates for specific tasks. Before you close this, yes, I've already read this: How to respond when you are asked for an ...
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What assumptions / disclaimers should be included with a software estimate?

I'm writing a lot of estimates lately and I'm finding that quite often, a client might argue scope, deliverables or (most often) cost. In an effort to ensure that the breadth of coverage (of client ...
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Best way to handle "So, when will this be done by?"

During the daily standup meeting in the middle of a sprint, the de facto project manager/scrum master usually asks developers some version of: "So when will this be done by?" "So can you ...
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How to infer my Assumptions I based my time estimate on?

In an answer on how to make time estimates it is said to write down all your assumptions you made when estimating a project. Seems like a good plan. Problem is, by assuming I already made an ass out ...
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