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To design pattern, or not to design pattern [duplicate]

Design patterns are good, but complex. Should we use them in small projects? Implementing design patterns needs more sophisticated developers, which in turn raises project costs. On the other hand, ...
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Is it necessary to know and understand design patterns in order to be a professional programmer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are design patterns really essential nowadays? Is it necessary have a knowledge and understanding of design patterns for someone to be a professional programmer? Why?
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How often do you actually use design patterns? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are design patterns really essential nowadays? I recently read a book on design patterns. A few of them seem very usefull in specific situations. Im not sure how much use they ...
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Are design patterns essential for good code? [duplicate]

Are design patterns (e.g. factory pattern, observer, etc...) required to be known to write good code? I often have no idea of what people mean when they talk about inserting pattern name here pattern ...
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Design patterns - do you use them?

Being an IT student, I was recently given some overview about design patterns by one of our teachers. I understood what they are for, but some aspects still keep bugging me. Are they really used by ...
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Choosing the right Design Pattern

I've always recognized the importance of utilizing design patterns. I'm curious as to how other developers go about choosing the most appropriate one. Do you use a series of characteristics (like a ...
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Are design patterns generally a force for good or bad? [closed]

I've heard it argued that design patterns are the best thing since sliced bread. I've also heard it argued that design patterns tend to exacerbate "Second System Syndrome," that they are massively ...
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Best OOP design pattern for a sequence of operations

I am working on an application, a module of which does the following financial operations sequentially: When a user requests for a certain amount to be transferred into her bank account: check ...
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Which design (pattern) would be suitable to abstract logging platforms?

I need to create a simple system to abstract logging platforms. The idea is that I'd like to be able to exchange or activate a logging platform (nlog, log4net, enterprise library) via some ...
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Design patterns and multiple programming languages

I am referring here to the design patterns found in the GOF book. First, how I see it, there are a few peculiarities to design pattern and knowing multiple languages, for example in Java you really ...
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Design patterns frequently seen in embedded systems programming [closed]

I don't have any question related to coding. My concerns are about embedded systems programming independent of any particular programming language. Because I am new in the realm of embedded ...
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Question about new buzzwords about old concepts [closed]

What is the fascination with taking old concepts coming up with a buzzword for them and pitching it as new technology complete with 800 page tome with nerd on the cover? A long long time ago, lets ...
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Decorater pattern or strategy pattern

I'm constructing a c# serverside application and I'm trying to do this in a way it can easily be maintained aswell as extended if needed. So what we have is 4 different requests that need to be done (...
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Are there any specific workflows or design patterns that are commonly used to create large functional programming applications? [closed]

I have been exploring Clojure for a while now, although I haven't used it on any nontrivial projects. Basically, I have just been getting comfortable with the syntax and some of the idioms. Coming ...
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Designing status management for a file processing module

The background One of the functionality of a product that I am currently working on is to process a set of compressed files ( containing XML files ) that will be made available at a fixed location ...
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