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Does it make sense to use byte instead of int in Java? [duplicate]

Recently, I had to implement a business rule in a certain project. The rule basically consisted of checking a range between 1 and 12, values that would be used later, in some way, with Bootstrap. ...
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Is micro-optimisation important when coding?

I recently asked a question on Stack Overflow to find out why isset() was faster than strlen() in PHP. This raised questions around the importance of readable code and whether performance improvements ...
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A large part of my code has a major design flaw. Finish it off or fix it now? [closed]

I am a high school student working on a C# project with a friend of mine with about the same skill level as me. So far, we have written roughly 3,000 lines of code and 250 lines of test code in a span ...
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When is optimization not premature and therefore not evil?

"Premature optimization is root of all evil" is something almost all of us have heard/read. What I am curious what kind of optimization not premature, i.e. at every stage of software development (high ...
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Is denormalising a database for speed an anti-pattern?

I have a database with a 1:m relationship. I have to display a list of parents to the user rapidly on a home screen at startup. The parent shows a single piece of information that is a sum of a ...
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Am I right that switching programming languages will have little impact on the scalability of a CRUD API?

An external consultant to our team advised us to rewrite our SaaS offering (essentially a CRUD API) in .NET because this is more "scalable" than using Node.js (or Ruby on Rails, Flask, etc.)....
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How to deal with misconceptions about "premature optimization is the root of all evil"?

I've encountered many people who are dogmatically against anything which can be considered "optimization" in the general English-language sense of the word, and they very often quote verbatim the (...
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How do I document my code for minimum time review? [closed]

I want to document my code such that there is minimum need for reading and browsing the code again months later. I know that there are different types of documentation (in source code and outside, ...
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Using static type checking to protect against business errors

I'm big a fan of static type checking. It prevents you from making stupid mistakes like this: // java code Adult a = new Adult(); a.setAge("Roger"); //static type checker would complain a.setName(42)...
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How to prevent a colleague introducing extreme complexity and abstraction?

I am having a very difficult time because my colleague seems to exhibit Premature/Unnecessary optimization efforts Premature deduplication with questionable abstractions For example, we use a ...
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Avoiding exceptions for performance optimization

In our code base, I see a lot of code like this var error = ValidatePhoneNumber(userId, phoneNumber); //if validation fails, return error if(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(error)) { return error; } If I ...
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Is it bad practice for my backend to call 3rd party API's synchronously when processing a request?

I use a third party API on my webapp that is accessed when the user requests a particular ressource. I'm worried that the successive API calls happening upon user's request might cause the user to ...
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Separate methods or single method with if statement?

I'm working on a .NET application and I'm wondering if I should use separate methods to handle the click events of two different buttons. They essentially do the same thing, just on different objects ...
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ASP.NET MVC - Using Session Variables or Caching to prevent unnecessary calls. Is it a good practice in general?

I have an application that consists of multiple sections of which each section will need to load data from various API calls. Now I'm thinking of taking advantage of Session variables(or caching) to ...
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When defining constants, which is more important? Easier to find? Or narrower scope?

For example, consider I have constants VOL_MIN and VOL_MAX, which is used inside 1 function only: public void setVolume(int val){ final int VOL_MIN = 1; final int VOL_MAX = 10; val=Math....
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