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Frankly, do you prefer Cowboy coding? [closed]

Most programmers defending methodologies politically correct like Agile, Waterfall, RUP, etc. Some of them follow the methodology but not all of them. Frankly, if you can choose the methodology, you ...
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Recommendations for teaching junior programmers good coding style [duplicate]

I am a big fan of good coding style, producing clean, clear code that runs well and is easy to use and integrate into larger systems. I believe that we programmers are essentially craftspeople who ...
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Why write clean, refactored code? [duplicate]

From my experience of working on several Java based projects, I've seen tons of codes which we call 'dirty'. The unconventional class/method/field naming, wrong way of handling of exceptions, ...
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Why sacrificing good software engineering practices is typically the first choice for software development projects assuming "good enough" quality [duplicate]

I have observed a correlation between a customer ordering software of "good enough" quality and the same customer not willing to pay for good engineering practices (unit testing, code reviews and the ...
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Does "write quality code" advice apply to companies of any scale? [duplicate]

I carefully followed the "always write quality code, unless you're writing a prototype" advice during my career as freelancer and software developer. I was convinced pretty early that avoiding to do ...
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Software development - The industry & general trends / Bad practices [duplicate]

I am a Web Developer and part of a small team working on an abundance of projects. This is my first "actual" real company after graduating with a degree in computer Science and I have about 2 years ...
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Good fix vs Quick fix [duplicate]

Let's start from this principle: quality is a feature that you can't add to a project in the middle of the development process. This is the scenario: two weeks to go live with my project and, one of ...
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Develop fast and buggy, then correct errors or be slow, careful for each line of code? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Frankly, do you prefer Cowboy coding? Prototyping vs. Clean Code at the early stages Good design: How much hackyness is acceptable? Does craftsmanship pay off? Which is ...
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How do I prove to management that our programmers could work more productively? [duplicate]

Backstory I graduated less than a year ago with a degree in Computer Science (with extra courses in software engineering), and another degree in Software Engineering. I'd like to think that I'm ...
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Prototyping vs. Clean Code at the early stages

I'm planning to work/start on a few personal projects that could end up as my daily job. It made me think, which way should I start? Just prototype—write just working basic code that could cost me ...
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How to measure the potential value of refactoring

On an old, large project with technical debt how can you reliably estimate or measure the benefit of refactoring code? For example, say you have some components within a software stack solution ...
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Conception and design before coding: how much is this true? [closed]

I learned at school as well as I read everywhere else that a good development methodology needs conception and design before coding properly. That is not a new information even for a beginner ...
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Where do you draw the line between quantity and quality? [duplicate]

My manager has talked with me and says that the quality of my work is excellent, but I need to step up the quantity of how much I crank out. I've only been working for a couple of years, so I still ...
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Should I take the time to clean my code once it's working if it isn't clean? [closed]

Should I take the time to clean my code once it's working if it isn't clean? Cleaning can take a lot of time. My boss just need it working but I feel unhappy if my code isn't clean.
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Should refactoring be the exception or the rule? [closed]

I had a discussion with a co-worker yesterday about design philosophy. The other coder is more experienced then me, and I fully admit that he is likely much better at properly automating his testing, ...
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