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Good design: How much hackyness is acceptable? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Prototyping vs. Clean Code at the early stages I'm right in front of a difficult decision. I have a problem in my codebase (it's in C++), which I could solve in two ways: A) ...
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Should I be commiting code quickly and testing later? [duplicate]

I am a web and software developer involved in the creation of mobile apps. I am currently working on a project with a looming deadline. I am wondering if I should be committing code rapidly and large ...
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Should I let my "beginnerishness" hold me back? (not rhetorical) [duplicate]

My situation is that I've been programming for about three years and have learned a lot but still have a long long way to go. I have an idea for an app that I believe would take off, but I'm afraid ...
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Is it sometimes reasonable to cut corners and expect to re-write software in a couple of years? [duplicate]

I work for an organization with one developer (me) and one DBA. When I started, the previous developer had developed applications that had bad architectural practices and it was getting and more time ...
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Lean Startup MVP: Quality Code or Quick and Dirty [duplicate]

Hello some programmers might know about the lean philosophy, building a minimal viable product Lean Startup MVP. I ask myself (when building Webapps): "Should I put effort into writing good ...
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Designing new application from scratch, TDD, MVC, OOD based [duplicate]

I'm about to improve my skills in all that is related to designing applications from scratch using proper OOD principles, involving MVC pattern and using TDD approach to do it. I have a project for ...
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What should be the minimal quantity of code production per week? [duplicate]

I'll try to further explain what I mean. Imagine you are the boss of a company. You have to deal with the tradeoff between the quality of the code and the speed of producing it. Let's assume to ...
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Frankly, do you prefer Cowboy coding? [closed]

Most programmers defending methodologies politically correct like Agile, Waterfall, RUP, etc. Some of them follow the methodology but not all of them. Frankly, if you can choose the methodology, you ...
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Does craftsmanship pay off? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Prototyping vs. Clean Code at the early stages Frankly, do you prefer Cowboy coding? After working in a number of companies, I am starting to realize that my commitment to ...
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Over thinking development

I've been working as an app developer for a year and a half now (not long I know), and I've just been given my first big project. Needless to say it didn't go very smoothly, so I sought advice from a ...
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Should I plan ahead, or figure out programs as I'm writing them? [duplicate]

I was thinking today about Paul Graham's book "Hackers and Painters." More specifically, these two paragraphs: "I was taught in college that one ought to figure out a program completely on paper ...
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How important is it to clean up someone else's code when faced with a tight deadline? [closed]

(I'm talking about HTML / CSS code (not programming languages) but I think we also face the same issue as with programmers.) I am the senior front-end designer in a team and I often have to re-work ...
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Software Design: Build it fast or build it well?

When building a non-trivial application, is it best to focus on getting things working quickly, and taking shortcuts in the code like mixing model logic with your views, breaking encapsulation - ...
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Prototyping vs. Clean Code at the early stages

I'm planning to work/start on a few personal projects that could end up as my daily job. It made me think, which way should I start? Just prototype—write just working basic code that could cost me ...
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When to refactor

I've read through most of Fowler's Refactoring book and have refactored many applications in my past big and small. One of the harder things I find to teach is "when" to refactor. I tend to do this ...
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