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Porting a 32-bit Win32 DLL driver to 64-bit when a 64-bit DLL is unavailable in C++

I have a legacy 32-bit Win32 DLL driver that interfaces with a test equipment. I possess the API header file for this driver, and I dynamically load the DLL at runtime within my C++ test application ...
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In C++, Why do bitwise operators convert 8 or 16 bit integers to 32 bit?

Is there a logical reason why the integer is upgraded to 32+ bits? I was trying to make an 8bit mask, and found myself a bit disappointed that the upgrade will corrupt my equations. sizeof( quint8(0)...
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If the set of MIPS instructions were changed to accommodate 128 records theory question

If the set of MIPS instructions were changed to accommodate 128 records and 4 times more instructions type-I, which would be the largest hexadecimal immediate value that could be supported, keeping ...
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Is there a good reason to run 32-bit software instead of 64-bit on 64-bit machines?

Is there any good reason to supply a 32-bit version along with a 64-bit version of any software targeted at modern desktop machines, running modern 64-bit operating systems on 64-bit hardware? It ...
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Should I deploy 32-bit only or both 32- and 64-bit versions for Windows?

I have a cross-platform application written in a compiled language. For Linux it is customary to have both amd64 and i386 builds available to user, so user can choose version, suitable for its ...
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Save flags in an int32 [closed]

Unity3d PlayerPrefs only allow saving certain types - string, float, and int32. Since int is composed of 32 bits, it should be able to store 32 flags or a bool[] of length 32. So far, I've thought ...
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Why might it be difficult to make a 64 bit version of a program?

In my short time programming, it has been trivial to compile any of my C++, Java, etc. for either a 32 or 64 bit machine so long as I have the full source for the program. But a lot of software is ...
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Accessing a 32-bit DLL from a 64-bit process

I'm aware that it's not possible to load a 32-bit DLL into a 64-bit process. The DLL in question is a ODBC driver which is no longer supported (although it works fine) and no 64-bit version of it ...
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Using error numbers which only work on 64 bit servers: a bad idea?

In an attempt to solve one problem I encountered another. I would like to have an easy and memorable way of creating unique error numbers, across projects and across developers. The scheme I came up ...
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Importance of uniformity of development architecture across the team

If some developers still use a 32 bit 'Windows XP' and others use a '64 bit Windows 7', would it be advisable for the entire team to work with 32 bit development tools even if their OS is 64 bit? Are ...
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Why do some software packages have an "amd64" suffix for 64-bit systems?

When downloading various software packages, and executables for Windows, I always see two different types of executables to download. One just says ...32-bit and the other always says ...amd64. I know ...
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Implementing base-10 floating point division

I'm implementing floating-point arithmetic, for a micro-controller which does not support floating point numbers, in either hardware or software. (Software being "written" in a sort of electrical ...
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Is there something special about the number 65535?

2¹⁶-1 & 2⁵ = 2⁵ (or? obviously ?) A developer asked me today what is bitwise 65535 & 32 i.e. 2¹⁶-1 & 2⁵ = ? I thought at first spontaneously 32 but it seemed to easy whereupon I thought ...
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Examples of limitations in IT due to different bit length by design [closed]

I am teaching the course "Introduction in Programming" for the first-year students and would like to find interesting examples where the datatype size in bits, chosen by design, led to certain known ...
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