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Design of API which is based on third-party implementations

I have 5 interfaces in an API component, which in its turn call an external 3d party solution provider (REST). The goal is to make this component universal, and under the hood support multiple service ...
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Automatic interaction between API and secured 3rd party API

I would like to create GUI + API that calls third party API as follows: third party API is consumed once a day by my API, GUI user doesn’t have to log in every day (eg. can log in only once every 30 ...
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How to handle 3rd party system API timeout

in my company we are using different 3rd party systems, for example: a CRM, where we sync information about the customer; the goal is having a 1 to 1 syncronization. a transactional email system, ...
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Retry mechanism - 3rd party provider

I have the scenario below and what I want to do is to build a retry mechanism to retrieve a status. So, what we have is a payment system and we want to call a 3rd party provided periodically in order ...
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Read Only Generic data access layer Best practice

I am trying to write some art of "generic" data access library to access the data of my company's ERP Software, which is our main/core application where all our related data is managed. I am a ...
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How to mitigate third party data feed issues?

We have a Java application that uses a live 3rd party data feed. There are several steps in our application and in each step the application reaches out to the 3rd party data feed with the current ...
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How to distribute copyrighted resources with and open source project?

I would like to create an open source GPLv3 project that will work with other resources that are under different types of copyright (e.g. free to use, but must not sell). Because of this, I can't ...
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When would you choose *not* to update a third-party library to a newer version?

Using third party libraries for productivity gains in software development is common. Unfortunately, along with the library's functionality we also import its bugs. Some of them get fixed in ...
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Consolidating hotels data from various booking sites with different IDs or reference

In one of my projects, I have data for hotels, and other booking sites are able to book this hotel. For example: Hotel A - Booking (ID = 4002), Expedia (ID = 123), Priceline (ID = 147) The three ...
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Are 3rd-party controls and MVC anathema?

At, I read this: "You should not use Asp.Net MVC if you rely on 3rd party vendor controls for of the UI." The author doesn'...
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How do I handle 3rd party search result data (via cache)

I have a search function on my site and it is taking data from 6 different 3rd party resources. The problem is, it takes too long requesting the data over and over again on the results page. I've ...
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