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Use this tag in reference to either hardware abstraction, such as how Windows can use the same APIs even on different hardware, or any other method where the reality is separated from the user-level programs by software. This should not be used for emulation.

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How can I improve this API solution

Intro I'm creating an app and I'm not sure if the structure of the solution is correct. I have a BaseController that uses generics. This controller is inherited by others that do not have to ...
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Having a globally static cached list without breaking encapsulation?

I have a couple wrappers around third party APIs that allow me to retrieve information from certain web services. Querying these services can be rather time intensive, so in my older version of my ...
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Am I following a good design thought process? Is the Abp framework overkill?

As I finish one project and start another, I have a small time window to come up with an architecture for the new. I am coming from the following design: Web applicationReceives domain models & ...
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Externally relying on the method call of the DI class means introducing a dependency on the implementation detail?

So I've got a class that calculates a discount (Let's call it class "A"). It has a price fetcher class as a dependency (constructor injection) (Class "B"). The price that is ...
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How to handle ISR callbacks when writing a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)?

I'm writing a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) to abstract a hardware peripheral on an mcu. The driver peripheral looks like this. Driver module. Includes hal.h void drv_init(void); void drv_set(int x)...
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Abstract Web API from validation and configuration management in embedded system

Im working with embedded Linux for a router. There is a web GUI for the user to configure router options. When user fill a web form this is submitted to a web server function that is responsible of ...
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Restructuring similar interfaces to one unified design

In my project, I have several types of Web API controllers (and their corresponding services and repositories). When I started out, I made an interface of a generic type that would describe the basic ...
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Database abstraction layer

I'm currently developing an SaaS application in PHP, with Laravel, using its own DB class. Let's pretend we've got 2 classes under 2 namespaces, plus Laravel's own DB - so Illuminate\Support\Facades\...
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looking to solidify understanding of OOP principles

I just wanted some feedback on my definitions of these terms. Abstraction - only showing relevant information and hiding implementation details. Interfaces and abstract classes are an examples of ...
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