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Resorted to Unconventional( i.e., hacky) "circuitous" programming code techniques when using populating a list of C# Action Delegates via a for loop [closed]

AWS Amazon.S3.Model.PutObjectRequest is merely a 3rd-party AWS Data Transfer Object (DTO) / Plain Old C# Object (POCO) type that can be used to build a request that can be used to send requests to an ...
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Is rebooting a server idempotent or not?

In his article RESTful Casuistry, Tim Bray claims that rebooting a server is not idempotent: But I don’t buy it, and here’s why. If I want to update some fields in an existing resource, I’m inclined ...
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If methods are actions that an object can perform, how do we represent abstract objects?

I have read that objects contain the actions it can perform as functions and its attributes as variables. But i am getting confused with objects that don't seem to perform any actions such as an ...
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