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Questions about Ada, a programming language that made it's first appearance around 1980.

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Custom types vs Conditions and Exceptions for parameter checking in Ada

The question: Is it considered better practice to use derived types/subtypes or to use conditions and exception-handling to restrict the acceptable inputs for a subprogram in Ada? I understand that in ...
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Why is overflow silently allowed in Ada?

Silent failure for such trivial code. How can they claim high integrity? with ada.text_io; use ada.text_io; procedure overflow is procedure p (i: positive) is x: integer := integer'last; ...
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How to create a 2D array at runtime in Ada? [closed]

In Ada programming, What is a best practice way to create a 2D array of a size that is specified by the user? I'm teaching myself Ada for work (after many years of C programming), and I'm having ...
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Source file shouldn't be more than 100 SLOC [closed]

I just started working on a baseline that is rooted in Ada. Many of the older Ada programmers insist that the source files shouldn't be more than 100 SLOC. I researched this online and I have not ...
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Annexes in Ada95

I want to know the differences between normative and informative annexes in Ada 95. I am just able to find a list of each of them but not the differences. What are the differences?
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Rendezvous in Ada

In a test I was asked: What elements present in the general form of a rendezvous are not present in Ada language? I was a bit stumbled as I thought Ada fully supported rendezvous. Now it seems it ...
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is Ada really gone?

Do people still use Ada -- (it was mostly used in the Defense Department) Are all applications written in Ada "Legacy"? Does Ada knowledge still sell
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What are some good books to use to learn ADA? [closed]

I was recently encouraged by a potential employer to go out and buy a book and begin learning ADA. I generally find that starting out with a good book, then supplementing that learning with continued ...
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