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Using advertising with free app is a commercial app? [closed]

I have a simple question: if I publish a free app (iOS, Android, ...) and implements advertising in the app, does it's considered a commercial app? I'm asking this question because I don't know if I ...
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Can we create a GPL application that has a payware advertisement on it?

We've been thinking of using GPL components to make a GPL application, and freely give it away. We then want to use that as a loss-leader. In that free application, where even the source code is ...
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How ad retargeting works? [closed]

Recently, I read that Facebook ads are moving towards retargeting and got interested deeper into subject. Essentially, retargeting is technique advertisers use that tracks purchase intent by putting ...
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May I remove ads from feed in my news reader app? [closed]

I'm creating a News Reader app for Tablets and PCs. My app is fetching data from news sources by RSS feed of websites (in the server-side). But some of these sites are showing some advertising ...
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How Facebook's Ad Bid System Works

When you are creating an ad on Facebook, you are provided with a "suggested bid" range (e.g., $0.90 - $2.15 USD). According to this page: The suggested bid range is there to help you pick a maximum ...
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Displaying the number of registered users to a website

I am building an online game much like Mafia Wars. I was thinking of displaying the number of registered users on the home page, but then I thought: "What if a new user sees that the total number ...
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Using GPL licensed jQuery scripts on website with ads

I'm making a web application that will generate revenue from displaying ads. The system is meant for me to run and not sold/distributed to anyone else. My questions are: Can I use GPL licensed ...
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Sponsors and Advertisement in winform apps

In a new winform app that I am still preparing, I got the idea that I could by sponsored or have some kind of logos of companies that want to place they logos there. The application is for sports ...
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Are ads within average Android applications profitable?

I know ads can be profitable for some incredibly popular applications, but how do average applications fare? I am about to release an application and I think it will be pretty popular, but it's not ...
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Integration of advertisement into WP7 apps: Any experiences? [closed]

Has anyone of you guys integrated or is thinking about integrating either admob, MS pubCenter, adwhirl or any other advertising provider into your apps? Please share your experience... Who pays best? ...
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