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An aggregate is either a group of related objects/data or the result of some operation on such group. The tag can be used for example for language specific data structures, algorithms that combine data and GROUP BY queries, UML relationships, or DDD aggregates that combine dependent objects.

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DDD - Aggregate Roots - Dealing with Efficiency and Concurrency

First off, I'll admit that I'm a newbie to DDD and need to read the "blue book". I'm building a system that has an AggregateRoot of type "Match". Each Match can have a collection of "Votes" and also ...
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Is this an example of a composition or aggregation? [duplicate]

Composition and aggregation both are confusion to me. Does my code sample below indicate composition or aggregation? class A { public static function getData($id) { //something } ...
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Aggregate root & Repository dilemma

I am in a big dilemma here. I have a League, Team and Player entities. I have created a repo for the league only as a Team cannot exists without a League. At first I had bounded the players only with ...
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Are DDD Aggregates really a good idea in a Web Application?

I'm diving in to Domain Driven Design and some of the concepts i'm coming across make a lot of sense on the surface, but when I think about them more I have to wonder if that's really a good idea. ...
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Can an aggregate root hold references of members of another aggregate root?

I know that outside of aggregates I can't change anything inside an aggregate without passing by his root. That said I would like to know if an aggregate root can hold references of members (objects ...
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