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Use this tag for questions about AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) that are independent of the framework.

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Message broker design pattern best practice [closed]

I'm designing the architecture of a platform to introduce a message broker in an existing data collection web application. This web application is currently used to upload data from excel files that ...
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Data validation between microservices

Consider a scenario (in .Net Core world), where a microservice A collects data from external sources and sends this data asynchronously (RabbitMQ) to microservice B (the reporting system) where this ...
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Rabbitmq create queues dynamically based on number of users

I have a scenario where I have to route a list of messages that I get to respective users. For suppose if I have messages = [ { text: 'hi', user_id: 1 }, { text: 'hi', user_id: 2 }, { text: 'hi',...
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Best approach for inter-process task queues

I have an application made up of multiple processes/workers/services which need to send messages to each other that represent units of "enqueued tasks" to be done. I am trying to find the ...
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Microservices architecture multi level event buses

Pretty much all documentation on microservices I came across explain just one tiny part of some complex system. I am trying to understand big picture. So my question is: Has anyone expirienced in ...
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AMQP messaging: How to generate documentation for consumers?

My application publishes various messages (e.g., telemetry, changed-events, ...) to a RabbitMQ message-broker. The users have no access to the source-code and therefore, will need a separate ...
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How to Upgrade MQ with incremental approach with 50 micro services

I have around 50 microservices which communicate with each other using Apache MQ implementation. I want to know if I can avoid big bang approach when I need to upgrade the MQ version. Current option ...
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