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Do the Google Play store and iOS app store permit time-limited features? [closed]

I'd like to make an app that has all features enabled for two months, and some disabled afterward. Is that allowed on Google Play or iOS? The iOS app store guidelines say that: Apps that are "demo"...
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Can you charge for apps that use open source software?

I don't know where else to ask this. I have an Android app I want to release on the store, and I want to charge a low fee for it. But if part of my application uses code I did not write (i.e. code I'...
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Qt, LGPL, Android and GooglePlay licensing

So, you can build Qt apps and deploy them to android. Taking a look at this post, I was wondering if making a game using Qt would be fine with LGPL legal terms given the following facts: The app ...
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Usage of github libraries

So far there had been a lot of external libraries provided for us to reduce our efforts on coding and utilising the time to provide quality apps to the play store. Now, I am keen to understand ...
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Same android app connecting to multiple database -concept

I am looking for best method to create application which are connected to different databases based on client So basically it is a multi tenancy model for an android app (enterprise use) Deploy the ...
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Force users to update to the latest version of my app on the Google Play Store

Is there a way to have a "critical update" for my app on the Google Play Store that would require the user to update the app to keep using it? For instance, let say I push an update that brings a few ...
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Is it required to start a business to sell Android Apps (US)?

I know you can sell apps using your own personal tax information, but what if there are several people working on the app? Our plan is to just have one of us register for the Google Merchant account ...
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Do Android developers have to pay sales taxes? [closed]

According to blog post by RetroDreamer Android developers have to pay sales taxes for their App sales in countries with have sales taxes while Apple developers don't as Apple pays the taxes directly. ...
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How to solve installation errors reported by users, on Android?

I've some application on the Google Play, free to download, but I have some people reporting things like: "There has been problem installing on my htc x." How do I help these people? I could ...
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What Are the Cons of Publishing Beta Software in Android Market?

I've spent some time developing a little Android app to scratch my own itch. I'm considering publishing the current version as a beta in Android Market. Pros for publishing it now would be the ...
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Trial/Free & Full Version VS. Free App + In-app billing?

I'm just wondering what would be the best strategy to publish an application on the Android Market. If you have a free and paid version you have two codes to update (I know it will be 99% the same ...
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Would I be in violation of these icons free license on my Android application?

Since there isn't yet a Q&A site for legal issues and since this is related to an Android app, I'm posting it here, instead of Stack Overflow cause this is not code related. I want to separate ...
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How to publish paid Android apps if you're not from US/UK

I was pretty excited while creating one of my apps but as it turns out you can't actually sign up for Google Checkout if you don't live either in the USA or in the UK. And since Google Checkout is the ...
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Besides the IDE, libraries, and language, what are the main differences between iOS and Android development? [closed]

I'm coming from the iOS side. I'm particularly interested in knowing if there are similar hurdles on the Android side on these points: developer fee -- do you have to pay $99 a year to build for ...
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Are ads within average Android applications profitable?

I know ads can be profitable for some incredibly popular applications, but how do average applications fare? I am about to release an application and I think it will be pretty popular, but it's not ...
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What is the industry term for those "earn credit by affiliates" programs in iPhone/Android/etc games?

In iPhone, Android, and other gaming platforms you can sometimes earn credit by installing other games, going to someones website, even signing up for a credit card. For iPhone, for example, there ...
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Is it a bad idea to sell Android apps in the Android Market under your real name? [closed]

I'm just getting started in Android development and am working on a few small "practice" apps. As an example, one is a live wallpaper. The others are similar in terms of development effort. When ...
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What are things to be taken care of before putting your app in android market?

I have developed a small android app. I am planning to release it in Google Android market. What are the things I should be aware of before doing this?
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Developing Android apps for someone else

We have developed several apps and published them on Android Market. We are now writing an app that another company will brand and sell through their own publisher account. The other company has no ...
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What are your experiences selling on the Android Market? 1 year on

Follow up to this question So a lot has changed in the smartphone market in the last year (Specifically Androids market share, OS updates and marketplace updates). Given these changes I think it is ...
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Company internal Android Market

i want to establish Android in our company. Since our company doesn't want our future internal Android Apps distributet to the Google Android Market i would need to setup an internal market. But i can'...
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What are the best strategies for selling Android apps? [closed]

I'm a young developer hoping to sell my apps I made for Android soon. My applications are basically 99% finished so I'm investigating what would be the best marketing strategy to use to sell my apps. ...
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