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How are operating system animations displayed (concurrency)?

How are operating system animations displayed (concurrency)? E.g. window resizing. I've particularly always wondered about the concurrency aspect of it. Since the OS has to run many many things ...
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Animations and React -- is it bad practice to mix them?

I have been in arguments with programmers that mixing elements with animations and react is very bad practice, and that all animations should be in a style sheet because that is something ...
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C++ - How should I design my animation class?

I am working on my first sizable C++ program; a 2-D mario platformer remake. I currently have an animation class that encapsulates all of the functionality of my animations for all the bad-guys ...
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2D Animating in OpenGL [closed]

I am trying to animate a texture in OpenGL. I feel like it should be easy, as I know how to animate in SDL and other libraries but I am having trouble. I have a x,y,w,h that holds the texture ...
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Data structure for effects animation? [closed]

I'm making a prototype for a game. I'm working on effects at the moment, but more generally animation. Currently, I have list where newly spawned effects are added to. Then on the update section ...
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Does requestAnimationFrame() really align with monitor refreshes?

Take this code: requestAnimationFrame(function (timestamp) { console.log('one', timestamp); }); requestAnimationFrame(function (timestamp) { console.log('two', timestamp); }); // logs: // "one",...
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Approach for interruptible transition animations

I found it's very complex to manage transitional animations. For example, when changes to a model get reverted before the animations have completed, the animations for previous changes should stop and ...
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Alternatives to browser based animations

I have developed a scrolling guide for a television company but attempting to use CSS animations, jquery animate, and velocity.js have all failed me. They work as intended but the animation is choppy ...
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Looking to simulate the rolling of a ball around a roulette wheel, while the resulting number is already known

I want to make a roulette board with a ball spinning and landing on a certain field. The catch is that the field the ball will land on, is known beforehand. I want the animation to look somewhat ...
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Design pattern for overlapping actions and animations?

Is there a design pattern for dealing with overlapping UI actions and animations? A few examples: Let's say I have an interactive table row that expands to reveal an extra control when the user ...
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How do I cleanly design a central render/animation loop?

I'm learning some graphics programming, and am in the midst of my first such project of any substance. But, I am really struggling at the moment with how to architect it cleanly. Let me explain. To ...
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Custom animation iOS

I have seen animation, and i can't figure out how to do something like in this video(youtube). I want to discuss how it's made. I don't think that they're using sprites. I have one idea how to do ...
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Animation in Swing

I have a project written using Swing, and I want to make it more smoothly (like JavaFX is) by adding animation to some components(JButton, JScrollPane, JSplitPane) using javax.swing.Timer. UPD: That ...
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Are animations and other eye candies considered non-functional requirements?

I've seen many lists on the internet that includes many 'ities' (maintainability, scalability, portability, etc), but I'm not sure if animations, screen transitions, and similar features are ...
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What's the best way to use requestAnimationFrame and fixed frame rates

I recently got into using the HTML5-requestAnimationFrame-API a lot on animation-heavy websites, especially after seeing the Jank Busters talk. This seems to work pretty well and really improve ...
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2D Image Creator for a video game

I need to make a few images for an arcade video game I'm making in Java. As of right now, I have drawings that animate, but there are two problems. The drawings are horrible, and as a result, the ...
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Wrong use of CSS3 Animations or not?

Well, I started using some CSS3 animations a couple of days ago. After hardcoding I've started trying different tools like Adobe Edge Preview version. I made a short animation to get the ...
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HTML 5 Double-Helix/DNA

What would be the most cross browser friendly (IE9, Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera) way to code an animated, interactive double-helix? HTML 5/JavaScript is fine. Flash or Java is not. I am unsure if ...
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