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Abbreviation for American National Standards Institute (, a standards body in the United States. It is usually used as a qualifier to delineate a particular instance (e.g., ANSI C++ vs. some other C++, ANSI C vs. Borland C, and so on)

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Why not program our video text terminals/terminal emulators to use something JSON or XML on the backend instead of ANSI escape sequences? [closed]

Backstory (You can skip) Awhile back I was developing a console toolkit for displaying debug messages and the like: It gives me colour coding, blinking, underlines, bold, italic, etc. While ...
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How does K&R's qsort work?

In the recursion section of K&R's ANSI C book, they demonstrate a version of quicksort [that] is not the fastest possible, but it's one of the simplest. --The C Programming Language (ANSI ...
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Does breaking rules in the (ANSI C) standard lead to or equate with buggy code?

To my understanding, standards are mainly for code portability between compilers, but I'm curious if some things in the standard that are only treated as warnings when not followed can cause software ...
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How can I tell what standard my C is in?

Okies, totally newbie question here. I can read the code, mimic the code and understand the basics to be deadly. But, I never really took the time to understand what ANSI C really meant. I just look ...
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Could ANSI C standardized linkage syntax from early C wrong? [closed]

Recently I came up to something illogical, reading the latest ANSI C paper. It was talking about linkage but it never mentioned a way to declare internal identifiers inside block-scope (or at least in ...
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ANSI C pointers corrupted values [closed]

I am working on ANSI C and having some issues with the pointers. That is that after a point in my program the pointer's values change without me interfering, is something like overwriting them. I ...
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About ANSI C++ 2003 standard

I would like to ask for your help. I searched a lot on Internet, but I found mismatched informations. My questions: I tried to buy the "ISO/IEC 14882:2003(E) Programming Languages - C++" standard on ...
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C++ : Lack of Standardization at the Binary Level

Why ISO/ANSI didn't standardize C++ at the binary level? There are many portability issues with C++, which is only because of lack of it's standardization at the binary level. Don Box writes, (...
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