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Apache Ant is a tool for automating build processes The main known usage of Ant is the build of Java applications. Ant supplies a number of built-in tasks allowing to compile, assemble, test and run Java applications.

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Is it a good practice to build multiple web app war files from one source repo?

I have been asked to do the following: Take a project within a repo (repo has multiple projects inside) Build ant build script that will build two separate tomcat webapp war files. They are two web ...
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Scripts to run Java programs - e.g. Ant

My team currently use an Ant script to execute various Java programs. Note that I am not asking about managing the build/deployment cycle for which we are already using Maven (quite happily). For ...
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Unit test and Code Coverage of Ant build scripts

In our development environment We have more and more build scripts for ant to perform the build tasks for several different build jobs. These build scripts sometimes become large and do a lot of ...
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Hibernate set up for beginner

I am learning Hibernate (OR Mapping). I am using Maven for project management. However, I am currently reading a Hibernate book by O'Reilly, and they use ANT for their example. So my question is are ...
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Default Ant target: help or jar?

What would you choose as the default Ant target? In the context of a small visual tool with a user interface, open source. I was thinking about jar because the project's distributable is the jar file....
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Convince a lone developer to use a separate build tool instead of the IDE one-click build

In my years of programming Java and more recently Scala, I've never used Ant, Maven, Gradle or any of those build tools for Java. Everywhere I've worked there was a build manager who took care of all ...
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Getting started with build tools [closed]

I am on my final year on CS, working on my first significant project, so I thought its about time to learn and use build tools. I have read about Maven mainly and heard about Ant. I would like to ...
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Is Ant still in the "mainstream" for Java builds?

We have been slowly replacing batch command files (windows .bat) which were simply jarring up the classes compiled in the developers IDE, with more comprehensive Ant builds (i.e. get from CVS, clean ...
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What are the best tools to help work with large ant files [closed]

I just started working at a company that has a very large ant build file that imports lots of other large/small ant files. Needless to say it's giving me a headache trying to figure out what is going ...
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