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Ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation

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Why do we oppose AOT and JIT compilation. Can they be complementary?

I'm just not sure as to why JIT (Just-in-time) and AOT (Ahead-of-time) are often presented in contradiction to another. If we do not care about about portability, it feels to me that a program could ...
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2 answers

How do Java AOT compilers work?

There are a few number of tools out there (Excelsior JET, etc.) that claim to transform Java app's into native executables (*.exe). However it is my understanding that these tools are really just ...
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Why is Android Runtime's AOT compilation more performant than Dalvik's JIT? [closed]

With Android 5.0, Google has introduced the Android Runtime, or ART. ART "brings improvements in performance, garbage collection, applications debugging and profiling." However, it also replaces ...
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Pros and cons of JIT and AOT [closed]

In which respects "Just In Time" compilation is better than "Ahead Of Time" compilation? And vice versa.
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