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Will I have to remove an apache 2 open-source project from the internet and stop using it if someone patents the concepts within the code?

The Apache 2 open-source license allows patents, does this mean it could be possible that an apache 2 open-source project would have to be removed if a company demonstrates it has a patent based on or ...
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Another Apache 2.0 license question, regarding modifying files

I have a slight case of OCD. That means I've read multiple questions that are similar but I'm still paranoid. I'm distributing a commercial application that relies on a 3rd party library that's ...
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Can I install Apache HTTP server and Apache Tomcat server on the same host?

I want to practice web programming on my Ubuntu virtual machine. I want to learn both server side web development using Java/J2EE and client side coding (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) . I heard that we need ...
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What are my obligations when using an Apache 2.0 library in an internal project?

From the Apache non-lawyer version of the license: It requires you to: include a copy of the license in any redistribution you may make that includes Apache software; provide clear ...
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Kernel mode web servers: A clever optimization or a security nightmare?

I was reading a Hacker News thread where one user posts a link from 2011 explaining that IIS is much faster than most other (*nix) web servers. Another user replies, explaining that IIS gets that ...
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Android proprietary app including Apache-2.0 licensed code from Google

My Android app contains some Apache-2.0 licensed code from Google (in-app billing example) and links to library in the form of a InAppBillingFile.aidl file (same license?). ...
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