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Questions tagged [asp-classic]

Active Server Pages (ASP), also known as Classic ASP or ASP Classic, was Microsoft's first server-side script-engine for dynamically-generated web pages. The introduction of ASP.NET led to use of the term Classic ASP for the original technology.

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Upgrading CLASSIC ASP application to PHP

I have an application built on ASP Classic & Microsoft Access (for the Database) which I have been maintining for a long time, but now I want to upgrade it to PHP for the betterment. Maintainence ...
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What's the best architecture to mix C code and a ASP Classic website

I have to create a real-time display. On this display I have to get the numbers from an existing business logic component (written in C) and display these Live on a classic ASP-page (legacy app). ...
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Classic ASP to Java UI Conversion

My question is based on a business model of a financial services organization that currently is supporting applications that are a hybrid mix of Classic ASP and Java, with some JSP’s already in some ...
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Ways to modularize blocks of code in ASP Classic

I have one huge file.asp with all my reports. I have modularized the page using querystring, so this creates a lot of "virtual pages" with Report #1, Report #2, and so on. I have some blocks of code ...
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Upgrading old ASP classic to newer standards [duplicate]

For the past year I have been working in a Classic ASP \ hybrid. The website has 1M+ hits daily. The code, as you can imagine, is very hard to navigate. There are 200+ files. Dozens of ...
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quick approach to migrate classic asp project to [duplicate]

Recently we got a requirement for converting a classic asp project to This one is really a very old project created around 2002/2003. It consists of around 50 asp pages. I found very little ...
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A little code to allow word substitution depending on user

I'm creating a demo web app in html in order for people to physically see and comment on the app prior to committing to a proper build. Whilst the proper app will be database driven, my demo is just ...
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Best practices: Ajax and server side scripting with stored procedures

I need to rebuild an old huge website and probably to port everyting to ASP.NET and jQuery and I would like to ask for some suggestion and tips. Actually the website uses: Ajax (client site with ...
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Http handler for classic ASP application for introducing a layer between client and server

I've a huge classic ASP application where in thousands of users manage their company/business data. Currently this is not multi-user so that application users can create users and authorize them to ...
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Web application to a multiplatform phone app [closed]

I'm really lost here so I hope some can help me. I have to develop a phone application on every platform so i tough of using phonegap. Seems pretty nice. I have a web application coded in classic ...
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How to make Classic ASP interesting if you are stuck with it? [closed]

I used to work on a really small outsourcing company (4 programmers and the boss), then when the stress and the frequent long shifts made the situation unbearable I made the switch to a better paid ...
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Should I achieve validation by handling errors in classic ASP?

I came across this while modifying an old ASP application: ON ERROR RESUME NEXT ivalue = CDATE(ivalue) IF err.number > 0 THEN ivalue = CDATE(date) END IF err.clear This doesn't look like good ...
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