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REST API design for associations/aggregation

I am building RESTful API that manages persons and lists. There can be many List and many Person each with its own set of properties. Person can be in zero or more lists, List can contain zero or more ...
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Should we call Web API from MVC application in same solution?

I am working on a project in MVC that has mobile application so one thing is clear that we have to use Web API so it can used in mobile application. After creating API when we started to develop Web ...
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Isn't CQRS overengineering?

I still remember good old days of repositories. But repositories used to grow ugly with time. Then CQRS got mainstream. They were nice, they were a breath of fresh air. But recently I've been asking ...
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when is it necessary or when should a controller be async

When is it absolutely necessary for a controller to be async? Should all controllers be async or is it bad practice to make all of them async unless it is necessary. Just looking for some general ...
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How to configure these REST API Resources [closed]

I'm still in the design phase of my REST API, and I'm a bit stuck on how to configure the resources. The API will be consumed by mobile devices (Android, iOS, and Windows). Communication through HTTPS....
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