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Translation of a project from one language to another

If I wanted to turn a Java game into Lua, how could I do it? I'm thinking that you could have a program read the assembly language behind two programming languages, find the patterns, attach them to ...
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Is there any logical reason to auto-generate code documentation? [closed]

Automatic documentation generation can be done with a variety of tools, GhostDoc being one of the more prominent. However, by definition, everything it generates is redundant. It takes a look at ...
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Have there been attempts to make object containers that search for valid programs by auto wiring compatible components? [closed]

I hope this post isn't too "Fringe" - I'm sure someone will just kill it if it is :) Three things made me want to reach out about this now: Decoupling is so in the forefront of design. TDD inspires ...
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Are ASP.NET MVC automated code good enough to be used in real live applications [closed]

I have been trying to get my hands dirty with ASP.NET MVC which looks pretty good (I am not certain, but some users say that even StackOverflow and other StackExchange websites made use of it). The ...
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Automatic programming: write code that writes code [closed]

After reading the book The Pragmatic Programmer, one of the arguments I found most interesting was "write code that writes code". I tried searching over the net for some more explanations or articles ...